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Goa has 35 beaches, many nightclubs, UNESCO Heritage sites, forts, waterfalls, nature reserves, and many top places to eat and drink. Goa is also India’s cruise capital. A cruise in Goa will be a lifetime experience. You can discover the state’s beautiful coastline and venture deep into the sea and even visit many islands. Along the way, you can enjoy kayaking, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and even fishing. You have a chance to see dolphins, many birds, crocodiles, and bats. From your cruise boat, you will see traditional Goan villages, beautiful churches, and a gorgeous palm-fringed coastline. You can even enjoy a Goa yacht party on a private boat.

You are sure to enjoy a cruise in Goa. So include it during your holiday. There are many types of cruises to select from, such as –

1. River Cruise

Goa has many beautiful rivers. You can enjoy a cruise in Goa on the Mandovi River, Zuari River, and the Chapora River.

  • Mandovi River Cruises – The Mandovi originates from 30 springs in the Western Ghat Mountains to meet the Arabian Sea at Goa’s capital Panjim. The Goa Tourism runs 1 and 2 hour cruises on the river with folk music, dances and dinner. These boats start and leave from the government jetty at Panjim. You can enjoy a private cruise in Goa as well on the river if you want to avoid a large group of up to 100 guests or more. Your luxury cruise in Goa can be of 1 or 2 hours, or it can be longer. You can go up to the mouth of the sea and see more of the coastline. You can see Panjim’s Miramar Beach, Campal Ground, and the Kala Academy. On the opposite side of the river, you can see the Aguada Fort and Reis Magos Fort. There can be snacks and champagne in your cruise. Private cruises in Goa depart from the Santa Monica Jetty.

Goa River Cruises

  • Zuari River Cruises – The Zuari River is on the other side of Panjim. A cruise here is for the lovers of wildlife. You can see crocodiles, bats, and many birds. You can see the Dona Paula Beach, the Japanese Garden of Vasco da Gama, the port area, Goa’s shipyard, and the San Jacinto Island where there is an abandoned lighthouse, an old church, and a few houses. The crocodiles, bats, and birds are seen in the mangrove area of Zuari. You can kayak through the swampy area for a closer look. In a private cruise in Goa, you can even navigate through the canal that connects the Mandovi and Zuari rivers. 20,000 years back, the Zuari and Mandovi used to flow as one single river, forming a huge estuary.

2. Cruise on the Arabian Sea

Goa has a 160-kilometer-long coastline. There are many beaches, some of which can only be reached through the sea or a difficult trek, like South Goa’s Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach, for example. Imagine arriving at these places in your luxury yacht. You can also visit Canacona Island, Bat Island, and the fabulous Grand Island or the Ilha Grande.


The Grand Island has many fabulous diving and snorkeling spots like Davy Jones Locker, Suzy, Sailing Rock, and the Umma Gumma Reef where you can see many species of marine animals and corals. The island also has a beach where you can swim and have your lunch. On your cruise, you can also visit the Saint George Island and the Pequeno Island.

3. Sunset Cruise in Goa

Get the most stunning sunset views from your luxury cruise in Goa. Goa Tourism also operates sunset cruises. But a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht in Goa is sure to make it an even better experience. Imagine cherishing the moment in complete privacy with just your group and champagne as the sun sets over the horizon. Make lifetime memories.


4. Dinner Cruise in Goa

Start your luxury cruise in Goa from the Santa Monica jetty on the Mandovi. A dinner cruise will be longer than a sunset cruise. You will leave in the evening and return after your dinner. The pleasant sea breeze over the river water will make it a very gentle and memorable experience. See the evening lights coming up in Panjim. Enjoy your food while sailing.

5. Champagne Breakfast Cruise

Start your morning in style with a champagne breakfast while cruising in Goa. It will be a classy breakfast to go with the flowing champagne.

6. Casino Cruise

Goa has many floating casinos on the Mandovi River like Casino Royale or Deltin, MV Caravela, Carnival, Casino Pride, and Big Daddy. Casino gaming + cruising + entertainment programs like comedy shows, live bands, and international dancers will make it an amazing package. You can play many classical board games, slots machines, blackjack, rummy, roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold’em poker, and other games.

7. Houseboat Cruise

Like Kerala, Goa too has houseboats. You can enjoy a cruise in Goa on a traditional houseboat on the Chapora River. You can visit Morjim Beach, Chapora Fort, and see traditional villages and ancient churches. There are many islands like Sentinel Island, Rogue Island, and River Island. Relax with a drink while enjoying the natural wonders of Goa. You have a chance to see dolphins and turtles.

In some houseboats, you can even stay overnight. An overnight cruise includes dinner, breakfast, and lunch.

Luxury Yacht in Goa: Fairline Squadron 42

8. Mangrove Cruise in Goa

Further up the Chapora River, after the Siolim Bridge, there is a beautiful mangrove area where you can see many birds and crocodiles. Sail up to this forest and enjoy a kayaking trip in its narrow channels. Goa’s most famous mangrove area is on the Mandovi River. It is the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is one of India’s largest habitats for birds.

The sanctuary is on Chorao Island, which is Goa’s biggest island. Chorao is a must-visit for photographers and bird lovers. You can see many species of herons, black bittern, little bittern, jack snipe, pied avocet, red knot, brahminy kite, osprey, whimbrels, kingfishers, black headed ibis, cattle egrets, and also crocodiles, fiddler crabs, and mudskippers. Visit Old Goa on the other side of the island.

9. Event Cruising

You can plan a birthday party, an intimate wedding, pre-wedding photo shoot, or a small corporate event on a luxury yacht. You can film a music video, a movie, or web series. Honeymoon on a luxury yacht is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding. You will have complete privacy and a beautiful setting. Reward your clients or employees by gifting a cruise trip.

10. Catamaran Cruise in Goa

A catamaran has a larger surface area, so you have a bigger space for relaxing and entertaining. See our See our Blue Catamaran and the Catamaran Cruiser. Thanks to the shallow draft of these vessels, you will always be able to reach close to the island, which other vessels cannot do. There is also no seasickness.

Boat rental in Goa for party

11. Party Boat

A private boat party in Goa will make lifetime memories. Have a special time with your family or friends. Plan an annual reunion and make it a truly amazing experience. There can be music, dancing, food, and drinks on board your private cruise party.

Luxury Cruise in Goa
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