Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Goa

Everyone loves a pre-wedding photo shoot. The family and friends like to see the photos or videos? And for the couple in love, it is a cherished album that stays with them forever and reminds them of the romance. Most couples select hills, forested valleys, a beach, or a historic location like a fort for their pre-wedding photos and videos.

If you want something different and unique, then you can consider a pre-wedding photo on a luxury yacht in Goa. It will be exceptional.

Pre-Wedding Shoot on a Luxury Yacht in Goa

Goa has everything – beautiful beaches, hills, forests, forts, rivers, islands, and backwaters. An elegant yacht will offer the ultimate luxurious experience. Goa’s beautiful coastline will offer the perfect backdrop. It will be unlike anything else. Your luxury yacht can go to any destination you want. It can be a beautiful island or a serene beach where there will be very few people. Of course, you may also simply sail on a river or the sea, while the photographer and videographer does the shooting. Work with Marine Asia to plan your pre-wedding photo shoot in Goa. We can make all the arrangements and get all the permits.

A professional photographer will catch each moment with expertise, catching the romantic couple and the brilliant scenery to make the romantic pictures look stunning. You can bring your own photographer as well if you want. The crystal-clear waters, the clear sky, and Goa’s beautiful backdrop will give you stunning photos and videos.

  • The photo shoot can be done in the morning or afternoon. The lighting condition will be perfect. Many videographers and photographers prefer between 7 AM and 4 PM.
  • Your pre-wedding shoot can also be done between 4 PM and 6 PM if you want to catch the sunset.

You can select a luxury yacht in Goa with an air-conditioned cabin where you can rest while the boat takes you to a picturesque location. You can use the cabin for changing for the photos and videos. You can relax on the deck to enjoy the scenery and the sea or river wind. The deck has sofas with cushions. The luxury yacht also has a toilet with toiletries and a kitchen with utensils. We can serve you drinks and food on board. You can also select a sports yacht, which will also be a top choice.

A drone can also be used for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Goa. Speak with us to finalize your plans.

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