Customized Yacht Charters


Imagine sailing off into the horizon with family or friends, leaving behind all the worries. You won’t find any resort or hotel that can offer the intimate and luxurious experience you get when you charter a private yacht. A cruise on a luxury boat can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will surely remember for a long time. And it will be even better if the cruise and everything related to it is planned and customized to your preferences.

You do not have to own a private yacht or know someone who has one to enjoy a customized cruise on a luxury vessel. We at Marine Asia can help you rent a luxury yacht in Goa and custom-plan your cruise. We can plan and deliver whether you want to cruise with family or friends. We can also provide customized yacht charter plans for birthday parties, pre-wedding photos shoots, movies or corporate films, honeymoon celebrations, or a corporate event.

What is a charter yacht?

A private charter yacht is a luxury boat where the guests can book the entire vessel. This means, you will have the whole boat to yourself. There will be no other guests apart from your friends/family. This also means that you can decide where to visit. A public vessel will have a fixed itinerary. On a luxury yacht for rent in Goa, you can sail on the Arabian Sea, visit some of the islands, explore the rivers, and visit many popular tourist attractions.

You can go on a dolphin-watching trip, a sunset cruise with champagne, or just enjoy a lazy cruise with no fixed plan in mind.

A voyage on a charter yacht can sail to remote areas where guests to see and experience more in a single trip. This means, you can also enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even fishing. The itinerary can be tailored to match your personal preferences. We at Marine Asia will make all the arrangements. We can also get all the permits for you.

Expect to be pampered once you are on board. The luxury yacht in Goa will have an experienced captain and a crew that can serve food, drinks, and champagne. Marine Asia likes to anticipate your needs, whether it is champagne, snorkeling gear, fishing equipment, life jackets, safety provisions, sunscreen, or complimentary beverages.

Activities/Events on Your Customized Yacht Charter in Goa

  • Dolphin watching – Palolem Beach, Coco Beach, Cavelossim, Sinquerim, Morjim, and Grand Island are some of the best places in Goa where you can see dolphins. We follow all internationally accepted dolphin-watching guidelines. The engines are always switched off in the presence of dolphins. This allows you to go closer to the pods without disturbing them.
  • Snorkeling, Scuba Diving – Goa is full of marine life and corals. You can see groupers, snappers, barracuda, surgeon-fish, tuna, eels, lobsters, turtles, triggerfish, angelfish, sea cucumbers, and even the occasional shark. The customized yacht can take you to the best spots.
  • Bird Watching – Goa has the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and also the Divar Island where you can see many species of birds and bats.
  • Sunset cruise – You can rent a luxury yacht for an entire day, half a day, or just an hour to enjoy a sunset cruise with champagne.
  • A special day, a special way – Get a luxury yacht to celebrate a special occasion, whether it is your birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or something else.
  • A corporate event – Get your own luxury boat in Goa for a product launch, to organize a team-building exercise, host a company celebration, or for entertaining clients.

Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility

A customized yacht charter gives you complete freedom and flexibility. You have the freedom to decide almost anything. This includes the duration of your cruise, where you want to go, what you want to see or do, and what you want to have on board. You can decide the food and the brand of your drinks. If you want, you can have a professional dancer on board in some vessels. There can be a professional masseuse giving you a massage while you are sailing. There can be a dive master if you are interested in scuba diving or snorkeling. We can provide fishing gear for anglers.

We at Marine Asia and your captain will work out the logistics. All you have to do is just wish and enjoy. This is after all your cruise. You must have it your way – just like you want, customized to perfection.

Gourmet Meals

A professional chef can prepare the meals to suit your taste. But even before that, we will work with you to finalize the menu on your Goa cruise. You can include anything you want in the menu – seafood, meat, vegetarian, or vegan. There can be starters, desserts, and snacks. We can accommodate any dietary needs.

Luxury & Comfort

A cruise on a yacht is the ultimate luxurious experience. You will have the best of everything, and that too, customized to your preferences. You can cruise throughout the day or just for a few hours. You will have the best-cooked food and the finest brands of drinks.

There can be games on board, a professional masseur, yoga instructor, a scuba diving instructor, and a professional underwater photographer.

The cabins are air-conditioned. The large decks have comfortable sofas with pillows. There are bathrooms with luxury toiletries, a kitchen with utensils, and a music system for your on-board party.

A Unique Experience

A cruise on a luxury boat in Goa is always a unique experience. You will cruise in style with complete privacy as the yacht will be exclusively for your group. You can decide where you want to go. In fact, some places in and around Goa are easier to visit by water. You can stop at various places to see a fort, a historical ruin, a beautiful church, or visit a traditional village. In between, you have the chance to spot dolphins and birds.

Work with us in advance to plan your cruise itinerary. Protection Status
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