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Marine Asia is the #1 yacht charter company in Goa. Since 2009, we have offered some of the finest luxury yachts to our valued customers from India and other countries. Luxury yachts can be rented for the entire day, half a day, or just for a couple of hours for a short cruise or a sunset cruise. With yacht rental, we also offer impeccable service. Our crew has more than 20 years of yachting experience all over India. The crew includes an experienced captain, fully-trained dive masters, and even a stewardess.

Our Fleet

Marine Asia offers the finest fleet of luxury yachts and super boats in Goa. In our fleet you will find the Majesty and Fairline Yachts, which are some of the finest models you will find. Each yacht has been hand-picked to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Luxury yacht features –

  • Staterooms
  • Air-conditioned cabins
  • Lockers and drawers
  • Bathrooms
  • Bath towels
  • Kitchen with utensils, microwave, and electric stove
  • Iced coolers
  • Music system
  • Front deck with sun beds and pillows
  • Outdoor seating and dining areas
  • Canopy for sun protection
  • Swimming platform
  • Inflatable paddle board and snorkeling gear
  • Life jackets

Apart from luxury yachts, we also offer speed boats, sail boats, Jet Skis, corporate boats, and catamarans.

Our Crew

Our luxury yachts have an experienced captain and a crew. They have several years of experience working in luxury boats and offering impeccable experience. The captain will keep you safe both on the river and in the sea. If you see a pod of dolphins, the captain will position the boat according to international guidelines and regulations to ensure that you are close enough to have a good look but not so close that the boat disturbs them.

We at Marine Asia will work with you and the captain to finalize your cruise and the places you want to visit. The luxury boat can also have hostess if you want. There can even be a professional chef and a massage therapist.

Our Services

We promise an once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience.

Sunset Cruise on a Private Yacht in Goa

A sunset cruise on your own luxury yacht in Goa is always going to be a better experience. The entire yacht or luxury boat will be just for you and your group, so you will have complete privacy. The boat has an air-conditioned cabin for comfortable seating, a deck with sofas and cushions, so you can sit outside when you want to enjoy the stunning views, bathrooms with luxury toiletries, and a music system with woofers. A cruise on a private yacht in Goa will be the ultimate luxury experience.

Open Champagne on Yacht

Imagine enjoying champagne and the finest alcoholic drinks with barbecue and other food on the deck of your luxury yacht in Goa. The food and drinks can go with light music or any other music of your choice. How good will it be if you can have a glass of champagne on the sea while seeing a gorgeous sunset?

Gourmet Meals

A professional chef can prepare the meals to suit your taste. But even before that, we will work with you to finalize the menu on your Goa cruise. You can include anything you want in the menu – seafood, meat, vegetarian, or vegan. There can be starters, desserts, and snacks. We can accommodate any dietary needs.

Host a Special Event on a Luxury Yacht

You can also host a special event on a private luxury yacht in Goa to mark an occasion. It can be a birthday party, a pre-wedding photo shoot, an intimate wedding with the closest friends and family members, or a honeymoon celebration. You can even host a corporate event on board.

  • Birthday party
  • Pre-wedding photo shoot
  • Honeymoon celebration
  • Film shooting
  • Corporate event

Call or WhatsApp +91 9552934534 for your Goa cruise. You can also send an email to info@goayacht.com.

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