Luxury Cruise in Goa

A luxury cruise in Goa provides the finest holiday experience. There are government boats but they are very crowded as they sail with 100 passengers or more. A private luxury cruise will be just for you and your group. Sail anywhere you like – the rivers, on the Arabian Sea, and visit the many islands. See beautiful churches, Goa’s forts, UNESCO Heritage sites, and one of India’s biggest bird sanctuaries. You can even enjoy swimming, kayaking, diving, and snorkeling.

Or simply, sail through the water, while cherishing a fabulous sunset view. We can serve food and drinks on board. A luxury cruise in Goa is perfect for a honeymoon couple. You can also cruise with your friends and have a private party on board. Our open deck and open lounge boats are perfect for a large group.


How We Can Help You

We at Marine Asia can help you rent a luxury yacht in Goa and custom-plan your cruise. We can plan and deliver whether you want to cruise with family or friends. We can also provide customized yacht charter plans for birthday parties, pre-wedding photos shoots, movies or corporate films, honeymoon celebrations, or a corporate event.

A Customized Luxury Cruise in Goa

  1. A customized luxury cruise in Goa gives you total freedom and flexibility. You can decide the duration of your cruise, where you want to go, what you want to see/do, and what you want to have on board.
  2. You can decide the food and the brand of your drinks.
  3. We can arrange a professional dancer on board in some vessels.
  4. There can be a professional masseuse giving you a massage while you are sailing.
  5. There can be a dive master if you are interested in diving or snorkeling.
  6. We can provide fishing gear for anglers.
  7. A professional chef can prepare the meals to suit your taste.


Luxury Cruise Holiday in Goa

  • The rivers and backwaters – There are many scenic rivers and backwaters in Goa. Charter a yacht to explore the beautiful and wild nature of the backwaters. Go deep into the hinterland, passing through narrow canals that are lined with trees on both sides. Pass through verdant coconut trees, green paddy fields, and Goan villages. You can even visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and many mangrove areas where you can see birds and crocodiles. Goa has some of India’s best bird watching sites. Your luxury cruise in Goa can take you to all these places.
  • The Arabian Sea - Goa has a 160-kilometer-long coastline with many beautiful beaches. Your private cruise in Goa can take you to these amazing places. Many of these beaches can be reached only from the sea or by trekking through a hilly landscape like the Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach.
  • The Islands – There are many islands both in the sea and in Goa’s rivers, such as Canacona Island, San Jacinto Island, Divar Island, Corjuem Island, Bat Island, and Grand Island or the Ilha Grande.


Features of Luxury Yachts

  • Air-Conditioned Cabins
  • Front Deck with sunbed and pillows
  • Outdoor seating and dining areas
  • Kitchen with utensils (knives, cutting boards, wine openers, etc…)
  • Canopy for sun protection
  • Microwave, Electric Stove
  • Lockers, Drawers
  • Swimming Platform Protection Status
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