Honeymoon in Goa


Nothing is more romantic than sailing towards the horizon on a luxury yacht with your love. You deserve a nice break, a fantastic honeymoon celebration after several weeks of preparing for the wedding and the Big Day. Imagine lounging on a stunning luxury yacht while it is sailing on the water with a glass of sparkling wine or champagne while the sun is setting over the distant horizon. It is the quintessentially romantic image. No honeymoon celebration can be better than this.

You and your spouse can now enjoy your honeymoon aboard a private luxury yacht in India. No need to visit the Caribbean or the French Riviera. And that too at a fraction of the cost but with the same luxuries you will get elsewhere in the world. Our luxurious vessels are fully crewed. The yacht has a captain, stewardess, life jackets, air-conditioned cabins, outdoor seating and dining areas, iced coolers, a music system, a kitchen with appliances, a swimming platform, and much more. The luxury boat can be stocked with the drinks and food of your choice.

Picture this – a sunset cruise or a longer cruise on a luxury yacht for rent with a glass of champagne or the choicest wine and your partner. The two of you will surely remember this honeymoon celebration for a long time.

Top 6 Reasons for Celebrating Honeymoon on a Luxury Yacht

  1. The most romantic celebration – Sailing in itself is very romantic, more so when you are on a luxury yacht in Goa. Feel the sea breeze on your face and watch the gorgeous landscape with palm and casuarinas trees. The Goan coastline is also dotted with many forts and rivers. The clear blue sky, crystal clear water, and palm-fringed beaches make Goa synonymous with luxury and romance.
  2. All-inclusive impeccable service – Marine Asia can provide a personal chef and bartender for your honeymoon cruise. We can arrange everything. Our boats have snorkeling gear, kayaks, and life jackets. You can provide the food and drinks you want, including champagne and cocktails.
  3. Many activities – You can enjoy snorkeling and swimming. You can also do fishing. The luxury yacht can go to many destinations, both on a river and the sea. You can reach remote bays and watch the sunset.
  4. Stunning scenery – The scenery is stunning away at sea and even in the center of a Goa river. In the sea, you will have complete seclusion. And from the river, you can watch the beautiful riverbanks with gorgeous chapels and traditional homes. You have a chance to see a lot of marine life as well. Unlike a hotel, you won’t be restricted to one location.
  5. Privacy – Our luxury yachts are staffed with crew members who are also discrete. It depends on what you prefer. If you would like some advice or want to chat, the staff will be at your disposal. They will give you complete privacy and stay out of the way if you prefer privacy.
  6. A luxury escape – A yacht cruise is an awesome luxury experience. Sail and arrive in style. Every moment is going to be special.

It is impossible to have a bad time on a luxury honeymoon yacht. Celebrate your love with a cruise in Goa.

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