Corporate Events in Goa


Host your next meeting on a luxury yacht in Goa! A chartered luxury yacht offers a fantastic opportunity to impress your potential clients, hold team-building exercises, and boost the morale of the employees. You can be sure that the luxury boat and its opulence will impress your employees or clients. They will understand that you really care about them. Both existing and potential clients too will be impressed. They want to know how far you will go to satisfy them.

HR departments everywhere are looking at how to improve positivity in the workplace. A luxury yacht offers a memorable and unique setting where you can organize a meeting or a team-building exercise with a spectacular backdrop and unparalleled service. On a luxury yacht in Goa, you can host a formal business meeting, networking, or an exclusive event. You can mix business with pleasure while sailing on the sea or river.

Events on a Luxury Yacht

  • Corporate meetings
  • Product launch
  • Photo shoots
  • Incentive programs
  • Team-building exercises
  • Incentive programs
  • Treating long-term or potential clients
  • Company celebrations
  • Client entertainment

Top Reasons for Having a Corporate Event on a Yacht

  1. VIP experience for your employees – The beautiful yachts of Marine Asia and world-class service will make your employees feel like VIPs. They will certainly feel energized and motivated.
  2. You will have the whole venue – It won’t be just a room for your corporate function. You will have the entire venue – the luxury yacht in this instance. It is so much more fun to have the whole venue.
  3. Plenty of entertainment options – On board the luxury boat, your guests will have a lot of entertainment options to choose from. They can party because the yacht has a high-tech sound system. There is food and drinks, and a barbecue. They can swim and enjoy snorkeling when the yacht is standing. They can ride in a kayak. They can enjoy a sunset cruise with champagne.
  4. Improves morale – Emotions can fall in the workplace if it is the same physical environment every day. Give them a nice change. A cruise on a luxury yacht is sure to be a fun time that very few get to experience. You can be sure that they will talk about it for days. The entire team will be more enthusiastic. This will encourage them to be more productive so that the event is bigger and better the next year.
  5. Your clients will be impressed – There can be no better venue than a luxury yacht when you are planning to entertain or impress the clients. A happy client is always more likely to do business with you. You can be sure that everyone will love our luxury boats.
  6. The venue works better even if the event topic is dry – The cruising experience, views, and the sea breeze will work in your favor even when the topic of your meeting is slightly dry.
  7. No one can leave early – Some guests may leave early in a land-based corporate event. There is no such option in a boat function.
  8. Many activities – There are plenty of entertaining activities on board like wining, dining, water sports, and photography.
  9. Everyone will be talking about it for a long time – People talk all the time. Give them something good to discuss. The yacht party will surely be a hot topic at the workplace.
  10. Stand out from the competition – Everyone hosts an event in a conference room. Having it on a luxury yacht is so much more fun. Your client will be talking about this to their family, friends, and co-workers.

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