Wedding on the Yacht

Sailing away on a luxury yacht towards the distant horizon for your wedding ceremony is a dream for both the bride and groom. How many couples do you know that have got married on a boat? Probably none! It is unheard of in India, at least. This is now possible finally in India. With Marine Asia, you can have your dream wedding celebration and wedding reception on a luxury yacht in Goa.

A yacht wedding is sure to make your romantic day extra special. Picture saying your vows on a luxury yacht while sailing on the open sea or a serene river with the sunset looming over the horizon. What a glorious backdrop it will be as you say “I Do” or get married in the Indian style. Exchange the rings even as the sea breeze blows through your hair.

You can be sure that the wedding photos are going to be absolutely stunning. And the guests who attend the wedding in Goa are going to love it. This is surely going to be a unique wedding.

Yacht Wedding in Goa is Luxurious

A boat wedding in India is the epitome of luxury and romance. The groom and bride are going to feel like royalty. You can book the finest land-based banquet or facility but it can never match up to a yacht. On a super yacht in Goa, you will be surrounded by pristine blue waters and breathtaking views. Enjoy these gorgeous views as you get married. You can celebrate the wedding and it can also be the start of your honeymoon.

A luxury yacht in Goa or a sailboat can be perfect for an intimate wedding. Yacht wedding is a rising trend among the millennial. These boats can typically hold up to 10 guests, which make them perfect for an intimate wedding. A catamaran is a mixed boat between a yacht and a sailboat. They have a wider deck and have a capacity for up to 50 guests.

At Marine Asia, we have different types of luxury boats in Goa. Click this link to find out more about our luxury yachts, sail boats, and catamarans. Contact us to arrange a luxury boat for your wedding in Goa.

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