Grand Island


Grand Island is the #1 marine location for luxury cruising in Goa. It is located just a few miles west from Dabolim within the Arabian Sea. While visiting Grand Island or the Ilha Grande, you can also visit the nearby Saint George Island and the Pequeno Island. It can be a wonderful half-day trip. You can also extend your trip for a full day by including other activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even fishing. The water around Grand is teeming with marine species and beautiful corals.

There are various options to reach the island.

Ilha Grande or the Grand Island

Grand is a small forested island on the Arabian Sea close to Dabolim. A small rocky channel separates it from Saint George Island or Ilha São Jorge. In low tide, you will be able to walk from one to the other easily. There is Monkey Beach on the island where you can play football, beach volleyball, and enjoy a beach picnic with barbecue.

Many tourists have seen dolphins very close to the beach. Of course, you will have the chance to see these marine mammals on the yacht cruise, while visiting the island or coming back.

Cruise on a Luxury Yacht to the Grand Island

We will pick you up from your hotel, resort, or holiday villa and drive you to the cruise jetty. You will then board the vessel you have selected. There can be stopovers at Saint George Island.

Close to the island, your luxury yacht for rent will stop for a while. You can try fishing here. We will give you a fishing rod and bait and other equipment. Just off the island, there is Suzy, which is a top dive site in Goa. You will find a sunken British cargo vessel below the sea that still has some of its cargo it was carrying during the 1930s when it went down. You can see a lot of marine life here.

There are various other spots for both snorkeling and scuba diving around the island like Davy Jones Locker, Sailing Rock, and the Umma Gumma Reef. You can see a lot of corals and marine species there as well.

Of course, snorkeling and diving are not mandatory. You may decide to just enjoy a relaxing cruise on your luxury yacht.

  • We can serve you gourmet meals on board
  • Fresh fruits
  • There will be beer, soft drinks, wine, champagne or whatever you choose
  • The luxury yacht will have air-conditioned cabins
  • Toilets with luxury toiletries
  • Kitchen with utensils, microwave
  • Music system
  • Decks with sofas and cushions
  • Swimming platform
  • Life jackets, snorkeling, fishing gear

Our luxury yachts have an experienced captain and a crew. There can be a hostess if you prefer.

Island trip by private yacht will be an awesome experience that is going to be etched in your memory for a long time. Remember to carry your towels, swimming costume, sunscreen, sunglasses, and camera. Leave the rest to us. Work with us to custom-plan your cruise to Grand Island in Goa. Protection Status
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