Cancona Island


Canacona Island has many names. It is also called Kankon, Kanika, and Conco. It is a small and beautiful island very close to Palolem Beach. In low tide, you will even be able to walk to the island as the sand bar rises over the water. In high tide, you will have to take a boat to reach the island. Just before reaching the island from Palolem Beach, you will see the Palolem Stone Tower, which is a natural structure. You will also have to pass through the Shark Point that gets its name because there is a high chance of seeing sharks here. There is also the Palolem Rocks, another natural formation, on the other side of the hill.

Canacona is a 5-acre rocky island with a thick forest cover. There is no beach here but it is still very beautiful. Many locals also call it Monkey Island as it has many primates living in the forest.

How to Reach Canacona Island

To reach Canacona Island, you have to first go to Palolem in South Goa. It will take you more than 2 hours by road from Panaji and you have to cross a lot of traffic, which can be frustrating. A luxury cruise to Palolem will be a much more pleasant experience. You will pass through the scenic South Goa coastline and see many beautiful beaches, hills, rocky outcrops, and coves. A cruise on a yacht in Goa is also the most luxurious experience.

The luxury yacht will have air-conditioned cabins, bathrooms with luxury toiletries, a music system, a swimming platform, and sun decks with sofas. Gourmet meals and drinks will be served on board.

The yacht may stop at any spot in the sea. You can swim in the water and enjoy kayaking. Life jackets, snorkeling, fishing gear are provided.

Palolem to Canacona

Transfer to a small boat at Palolem and visit Canacona. You can swim around the island and also enjoy snorkeling. Before or after your Canacona trip, spend some time exploring the stunning Palolem backwater.

On your luxury cruise to Canacona, you can also include visits to some other places like the serene Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach, both likely to be completely secluded. You may even travel up to Rajbag Beach at the extreme south and explore the gorgeous Talpon River. Protection Status
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