River Cruises in Goa

River Cruise is a popular water sport attraction in Goa. Every year, thousands of tourists cruise on the Mandovi and the Zuari, which are the two most important rivers in Goa. There are plenty of things to see and do on these rivers. There are cruises on the Arabian Sea as well to the many offshore islands. There are sunset cruises, dinner cruises, party cruises and others to choose from.

Goa’s wealth extends beyond the many incredible beaches, the vibrant nightlife, parties, lip-smacking Goan and Konkani cuisine, beverages, ayurvedic massage, and the wildlife sanctuaries in the interiors.

There are a few scenic rivers and backwaters where you can go on a fantastic cruise. Charter a luxury yacht in Goa to explore the beautiful and wild nature of the backwaters. It will surely be a lifetime experience. Goa boat cruises are on the Mandovi and the Zuari Rivers. You can even go to the Arabian Sea and explore the many islands and the secluded beaches that are difficult to reach by car.

Goa River Cruises

In a Goa river cruise, you will go deep into the hinterland, passing through narrow canals that are lined with trees on both sides. Pass through verdant coconut trees, green paddy fields, and Goan villages. Your yacht, catamaran and luxury boats have open deck and open lounge plans that are perfect for a group or a honeymoon couple. It’s a great idea for a Goa cruise party – wedding, birthday, or a corporate event.

You can hire a charter to visit the islands too – San Jacinto Island, Chorao Island, Butterfly Island, and Bat Island. Or just relax on board on the open deck in a modern yacht for a fantastic vacation. Choose from sunset cruises, party cruises, day cruises, and even a full-moon cruise.

Panjim Cruises at Mandovi River

Mandovi River Cruises runs next to Panjim. Goa Tourism operates 1 and 2 hour cruises on the river with folk music, dances and dinner. There is a longer backwater cruise too that takes you to a spice plantation, Chorao Island, and Old Goa. Private yacht cruises are more luxurious and exclusive. All cruises depart from the Santa Monica Jetty.

Mandovi, which is also referred to as Mhadei or Mahadayi is a major river in Goa. Originating from 30 springs in the Western Ghats, the river runs for 52 kilometers in Goa and 77 kilometers in the neighboring state of Karnataka and finally meets the Arabian Sea near Panjim. River cruises on the Mandovi start from the Panaji Jetty and the Santa Monica Boat Jetty. Apart from the scenery, you can also see the Adil Shah Palace from the river. This was the first palace built in Goa. It was later captured by the Portuguese.

Zuari Cruises at Zuari River

Zuari cruises on the river Zuari are for wildlife lovers. You can see crocodiles, bats, and plenty of unique bird species. You can do fishing as well. Load a kayak into your yacht and you can navigate through the small canals.

Zuari is the largest river in Goa. This river too originates in the Western Ghats and empties itself into the Arabian Sea near Vasco da Gama, which is on the other side of Panjim. In the interiors, the river is referred to as Aghanashani. Interestingly, 20,000 years back, the Zuari and Mandovi used to flow as one single river, forming a huge water body. There is now a canal that connects both these rivers so that ships and boats can navigate.

Top 9 Goa Yacht Cruise Attractions

  1. San Jacinto Island – Located in the estuary of the Zuary River. Most of the island is covered with forests. There are a few old houses, a beautiful old church and an abandoned lighthouse in the south-western coast. You can reach this green forested heaven in your private yacht. There are a lot of plate corals and fish in the waters around the island.
  2. Chorao Island – An hour’s journey in your private yacht from Panaji Jetty will take you to this island. It houses the beautiful Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. There are some beautiful churches are Portuguese-era buildings to see here as well. You can also have glimpses of Panaji, Old Goa, and Miramar. There are plenty of exotic birds to see here, both in the summer and winter. Journey through the beautiful backwaters in your luxury charter yacht to reach this island. The total yacht trip duration is for 3 hours.
  3. Butterfly Island – This island is a natural marvel. This is actually a part of the mainland between Palolem and Agonda, but cannot be reached by car. You have to trek to reach the beach, and so it is often referred to as an island. Coconut trees line the beach. But the main attractions are the dolphins you can see on your yacht journey and the fantastic sunset. There are very few people on the beach as it is so difficult to reach. Most tourists are foreigners.
  4. Canacona Island – Also called the Kankon Island, this is just off the shore of Palolem beach. There are many rocky trails you can explore on this island. Apart from the monkeys, this is a very calm and serene place. A very serene and quiet place with lots of forests. Dolphins and many fish in the waters.
  5. Bat Island – Also called Pequeno Island, this is off the coast of Vasco da Gama. There is a small rocky beach and a stretch of green here. Bat Island is a good destination to reach by a speed boat or private yacht. The water around the island is good for snorkeling. You can see parrot fish, angel fish, squirrel fish, butterfly fish, groupers, snappers, trigger fish, lobsters, hawksbill turtle, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. There are also hundreds of colorful shoals.
  6. Grand Island – Far out into the Arabian Sea, this is a very scenic island. It’s at least a half-day trip on your private yacht. You can do fishing here. You can also do scuba diving and snorkeling. Admire the fascinating colors and underwater coral and marine life. See the sea-eagles and dolphins.
  7. Monkey Island – This is a green small island. The beach is so beautiful it is often referred to as the “Paradise Beach”. You can have a barbecue or just relax on the beach. Island trip by your private yacht in high tide. Groups of monkeys on the beach, but they generally stay away from the tourists.
  8. Corjuem Island - Corjuem or Khorjuve is a small and picturesque island you can reach on your yacht. There is a fort to see with great architecture. This is one of the two inland surviving forts in Goa. Climb to the top for a bird’s eye view. There is a chapel and a small temple too.
  9. Divar Island – The riverine Divar Island is on the Mandovi. It’s a serene place that will give you postcard Goan countryside views. There are wooded hills, rice fields, and small villages. There are several elegant Portuguese houses here.

Luxury Yacht in Goa: Fairline Squadron 42

Luxury Yacht in Goa for Rent: Fairline Squadron 42

Types of Cruises in Goa

  1. Sunset Cruise – Enjoy a spectacular Goa sunset in your own luxury yacht. See the sunset with snacks, beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks. Relax on the open deck and take pictures. Watch as the dusk slowly descends into evening. It’s a wonderful photo opportunity.
  2. Party Cruise – A party on a luxury yacht is a wonderful idea. It will be just your group and nobody else – completely private. It can be a birthday party, a corporate party or any other. There will be unending drinks, champagne and snacks. Play loud music. Do whatever you want. A cruise party is so much more eventful and memorable than a party in a hotel.
  3. Film Shooting Cruise – Shoot your music albums, promotional videos or a movie scene on a private yacht in Goa. There are many perfect locations to choose from. We can get the permission for shooting and make other arrangements too.
  4. Wedding Cruise – Goa over the years has emerged as a popular wedding destination. Wedding on a yacht shows your class. Go all out, it’s one of the most important and memorable events in your life. Charter a yacht for 5-7 hours for a special and private wedding party in Goa.

Goa Cruise Tariff

Cruise Type Cost
2 hour sunset cruise 500 Rupees per person
90 minutes dolphin cruise 400 Rupees per person
Full-day backwater cruise 1000 Rupees per person
2 hour full-moon cruise 500 Rupees per person
2 hour dinner cruise 650 Rupees per person
1 hour cruise 300 Rupees per person
Overnight houseboat cruise 5000 Rupees per person
Half-day houseboat cruise 3200 Rupees per person
1 hour luxury yacht cruise 15,000-45,000 (entire yacht)
2 hour luxury yacht cruise 28,000-65,000 (entire yacht)
3 hour luxury yacht cruise 39,000-84,000 (entire yacht)
5 hour luxury yacht cruise 60,000-125,000 (entire yacht)
  • The price of luxury yacht cruise includes fuel and jetty fee.
  • The price includes the services of captain, crew and hostess.
  • The price includes soft drinks and snacks.
  • A luxury yacht can accommodate between 6 and 12 guests depending on its size.

What You Can Expect in a Private Yacht

A private yacht cruise is very different from a conventional cruise ship. You don’t have to share space with people you don’t know and won’t have to jostle through the crowd on deck. Everything on offer is just for you and your group. Go to the places and see things you want to and not on everyone else’s itinerary.

Spend a day cruising through the rivers of Goa or a day at sea, relaxing and taking in the breeze. You can do fishing, bird watching, dolphin sighting, wakeboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. You can do kayaking as well to get close to the birds, and bats. Visit the beaches and have a barbecue.

The crew will keep you safe and offer you tailored services. You will have the complete attention. All your needs will be taken care of properly. Avail all the luxuries and amenities on offer and have a most memorable luxury yacht vacation in Goa.

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