Goa Yacht FAQ

Are you planning for Hire a Yacht in Goa, Please find FAQ:

❓ Is this some Special Event?

Elite class people always look for some different and unique party location, we advice to our valuable costumers location with duration.

  • Birthday party — Round trip of backwaters (duration 6 Hrs*)
  • Friends Party — Mouth of Madovi River till Miramar Beach (duration 3-6 Hrs*)
  • Marriage Anniversary — only backwaters at evening (sunset time duration 3-5 Hrs*)
  • Romantic Evening — from backwaters to Mouth of Madovi (duration 3-5 Hrs*)
  • Honeymoon Private Yacht Charter — Cola-Palolem (duration 15-30 Hrs**)

❓ Is this first Private Yacht trip for you?

If yes, Welcome to world of Yacht in Goa real luxury Private Yacht/Speedboats in Goa.
Even if you have experience of Goa Yacht, Come on web and find your big boy’s Toys we assure you about our price and product with services and quality, with us you find every time a new tour/product.

❓ How many no of persons onboard?

Make sure about no of persons onboard, we recommend at comfort level of every person, please do not forget to check about how many person can onboard.
All information about capacity of yacht/speedboat is available on web.

❓ Are you planning for Dinner onboard?

If you have any plan for Dinner onboard please avoid, we advice light snakes with drinks (liquor on corkage*** basis) in this you have many options as well no varies about pricing and quality of food and drinks.

❓ Is your duration and date is fixed or flexible?

If your date/duration is fixed (mostly in birthday/anniversary/honeymoon) we recommend please make sure about booking well in advance to avoiding any disappointment.

❓ Are you looking for long/weekly Yacht Charter?

Long/Weekly charter rate only on request, depending no of people onboard and duration of charter.
Minimum Charter 2 hour.

❓ Do you have any specific destination for Yacht Charter?

If you have any destination for your private charter in Goa it’s good please let us know, if not then feel free to write us, we give you options or you can very easily chose from our vide range for short/long trips.

❓ Like some more information on Speedboat/Yacht Speed?

Yacht and speed boats all have different speed per hour, normally ranging in 10 nautical miles to 30 nautical miles per hour (1 nautical miles = 1.852 kilometers)
Speed depends on no of people onboard and sea/river weather condition.

*** Depends on Yacht speed and weather conditions.

*** Price on Request

*** Corkage (fee for liquor serving onboard) depends on no of people, minimum INR 2500 (2 people)

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