Marine Asia: yacht in Goa
From Rs. 25000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 59 km/h, 2 cabins
20 passangers
From Rs. 17700 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 64 km/h, 2 cabins
10 passangers
From Rs. 27000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 46 km/h, 4 cabins
25 passangers
From Rs. 15000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 64 km/h, 1 cabins
8 passangers
From Rs. 12000 per hour
Sport Boat, Speed upto 80 km/h, 1 cabins
10 passangers
From Rs. 25000 per hour
Cathamaran, Speed upto 59 km/h, 2+1 cabins
20 passangers
From Rs. 25960 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 62 km/h, 2 cabins
20 passangers
From Rs. 4720 per hour
Jet Ski, Speed upto 73 km/h, 0 cabins
3 passangers
From Rs. 20060 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 64 km/h, 1 cabins
16 passangers
From Rs. 12000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 40 km/h, 1 cabins
14 passangers
From Rs. 29500 per hour
Cruise Yacht, Speed upto 35 km/h, 3 cabins
20 passangers
From Rs. 25000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 20 km/h, 2 cabins
45 passangers
From Rs. 45000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 50 km/h, 2 cabins
40 passangers
From Rs. 1600 per hour
Classic boat, Speed upto 15 km/h, 1 cabins
4 passangers
From Rs. 15000 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 50 km/h, 1 cabins
16 passangers
From Rs. 15340 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 60 km/h, 1 cabins
12 passangers
From Rs. 18102 per hour
Motor Yacht, Speed upto 19 km/h, 2 cabins
27 passangers
From Rs. 10000 per hour
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Luxury Yacht in Goa

GoaYacht (Marine Asia Group), the Goa's leading luxury yacht charter site.

Enjoy your Goa vacation on a private luxury yacht. With a global reach and access to the latest boats, we can offer you the finest vessels on hire. See our luxury yacht charter catalog, read the specifications of each boat. Find out the facilities and luxuries you will get on board these modern and super yachts. Every yacht is fully crewed. Just sit back, get pampered, and enjoy the sailing experience.

We have the entire fleet for you – motor yacht charters, sailing yachts, catamaran, speed and sport boats, jet-skis.

Yacht Charter

Yacht charter in Goa offers everything you can imagine, and more. It can be an absolutely relaxing trip on board, a breathtaking adventure, or treasured moments with the family or friends. Yachting in Goa is the ultimate escape. Charter a fully-crewed yacht in Goa to sail on the Arabian Sea or explore the rivers, the mangroves, islands, historical and the cultural sites.

Go on your annual holiday or a once in a lifetime cruising experience. You can celebrate a special occasion like honeymoon, birthday party, or an anniversary. We can also organize a pre-wedding photo shoot or corporate or advertisement filming on a yacht rental. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or kayaking on the rivers and the sea from your yacht in Goa.


We believe in offering the finest level of service, professionalism, and reliability. On the yacht, you will find an experienced and knowledgeable captain and crew. There are plush air-conditioned cabins, a large sunbathing area, kitchen, refrigerator, washroom, pillows and loungers.

Spend a leisurely time on the boat. Your every demand will be looked after. You can have a yacht party with lunch, barbecue, and drinks. Fine dining while sailing is a unique experience. We bring together sophistication and comfort like never before. You cannot have a better cruising experience anywhere in India.

Call us and get all the assistance you need before departure or during the sailing trip from our experienced crew members who will be with you all the time.

Boat Rental

Rent a boat with or without skipper in Goa with GoaYacht. Choose from a wide selection of sailboats, motor boats, RIBs, catamarans, yachts and canal boats. We offer a huge range of boats to hire from Rs.7000/hour. With the best offers, GoaYacht helps you to find the ideal yacht charter for the perfect vacation.

Where to sail in Goa?

Sail on the Arabian Sea to reach distant island like the Grand Island, Bat Island, Butterfly Island, and the Canacona or Kankon Island. You can also reach many beaches, small bays and hidden coves on your yacht for rent that are difficult to reach by land. You can also sail on the Mandovi or the Zuari River. Visit Divar, San Jacinto, and Chorao islands.

Yacht Party & Events

Host your office party on a luxury yacht. Relax and bond better with your work friends. You can also shoot a music video, advertisement film, or a movie. It can be a song album, calendar, portfolio, or promotional shoot. We can help you find the locations right for you and take you to exotic places. Or it can simply be an adventure with your friends or family members. Perhaps a grand reunion. A personal chef can prepare all the meals and barbecue. A crewed bartender will serve you the drinks while you sail.

Why Charter Our Private Yacht?

GoaYacht is the leading private yacht rental service in Goa. We have a huge catalog of boats you can rent from. They are all modern vessels that have been rigorously tested to be safe. Our captains and crew members are qualified, licensed, and have many years of cruising experience.

We are very cooperative and offer the finest cruising service in Goa. We assist you at all times, from selecting the right yacht, making all the arrangements, and throughout the sailing trip. We offer a competitive private yacht charter price.

Enjoy your sailing trip in Goa. We can make it memorable.

Client Reviews

Siddhant Nanodkar
5 star review

Amazing experience and service. A must-try when visiting Goa. The ride is peaceful and serene.

Swaroopa Nanodkar
5 star review

Excellent food, excellent service, and an excellent yacht. A real ‘GOAN’ experience.

Ritwik Rath
5 star review

It's a wonderful experience. Highly recommended for An Evening Sunset Trip. Best yacht in Goa.

5 star review

Excellent service. Must try experience in a super luxury yacht. Protection Status
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