San Jacinto Island

/static/pub/image/CID_0038_29fcb7065dba348ba00a8bfa1cdadf41.jpgSan Jacinto is a small island on the Zuari River of North Goa. You will see this island to your left while traveling from the Dabolim airport to the popular Candolim-Calangute-Baga stretch. Most tourists don’t know about this island, so they will skip visiting this. But the locals know how beautiful San Jacinto. They often visit the island to enjoy its beauty and attractions.

Goa has many more attractions apart from the beaches, forts, national parks, nightclubs, and the water sports activities. See a different side of Goa, which very few tourists visit. A riverine island, San Jacinto, retains its originality and charm. It is very picturesque too and is rich in culture. You will surely enjoy a luxury cruise in Goa to this beautiful place. Marine Asia can help you select a great boat, make all the arrangements, and take you there.

Where is San Jacinto Island?

São Jacinto, also called San Jacinto, is a small island on the Zuari River, close to where it meets the Arabian Sea. It is a forested island but on the southwest side, you will find a few old houses and a beautiful old white church. There is also an old historic lighthouse you can visit. A causeway connects the island with Dabolim.

History of the Island

The island is named after St. Hyacinth, who in the 13th century ministered in Eastern Europe. Hyacinth was canonized in 1594. San Jacinto is the Spanish name. In the early 20th-century, the residents of the island vowed never to allow industrial and mass construction activities on San Jacinto, which is why it still retains the lush forest and originality. The residents also don’t sell or rent out properties on the island to those from the outside.

There is also a legend that says an underground tunnel was built to connect the church with a beach on the mainland.

St. Jacinto Church

You will find a church dedicated to St. Hyacinth and a chapel dedicated to St. Dominic (São Domingo) on the island. It overlooks the river and offers beautiful views. There is a celebration on the last Sunday of September.

Luxury Cruise to the San Jacinto Island

The best and most luxurious way to visit the island is on a luxury yacht. You can leave from the mouth of the Mandovi River, sail into the Arabian Sea, reach the confluence of the Zuari, sail through the river, and finally reach San Jacinto. It can be a very good half-day cruise.

What you will see during the cruise –

  • Mandovi River
  • Mouth of the Mandovi and the Arabian Sea
  • Reis Magos and the Aguada forts
  • Campal Gardens
  • Kala Academy
  • Miramar beach
  • Raj Bhawan
  • Dona Paula View Point
  • Mouth of the Zuari River
  • Mormugao Port
  • Venice Rocks
  • St Antony Island
  • San Jacinto
  • Zuari Cable Bridge Protection Status
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