About Goa

Chartering a yacht can be the ultimate experience, an unforgettable vacation, or an exceptional venue from which to conduct business.


When you think about Goa holiday first thought and picture comes in mind is, for romantic and sexy Goa beaches.

Yes, it is true destination to experience cool breezes of beaches, adventurous water sports and deep sea, most of the tourists are lovers, newly married couples or families looking for a weekend getaway.

Goan life is very cool and very famous for a lifestyle without any type of ‘hurry’, trust this word without “any hurry” in real sense. Just a simple example, have a look at working hours in any office (even Government offices) the day starts at 10:00 and lunch time is 13:00 to 16:00 post lunch timings are 16:00 to 18:00, so do you still think any chance for hurry stands in Goa? This also shows their dedication and interest in whatever they do; it will be done with utmost devotion and attention.

For many people Goa is known as more like a “City” and not as State, if you are planning to visit Goa your friends will give you so many advice or you try to get some information for this destination, without knowing your plan about which “Village” you are going to stay, yes Village; There are only 4 Cities in Goa- Panjim, Mapusa, Vasco and Margao and apart from these four name all are Villages of Goa (except Industries Zone).

/static/pub/image/CID_0240_29fcb7065dba348ba00a8bfa1cdadf41.jpg Someone asks you, did you visit the “Nude” beach of Goa? Oh that is really great you know you can find many girls dreaming of oh uh la la what an experience it would be, really very unique nude beach in Goa, but all this not making any sense, your mind and intellect will never accept this Filmy Fantasy and yes it is all fake about nude beach in Goa, though it is possible that you can find some topless teenagers in this “so called” of nude beach in Goa.


It is very easy to rent a Car in Goa or any Bike in Goa but after that only the problem come to find on the way or enroute to your unknown or known journey to Goan roads, and you if ask to some local Goan person in English “excuse me where is Agonda beach”(you are coming by bike/car from North Goa) and he’ll try to understand what you are asking for first two minutes and after that reply comes” kite, koun” and you reply again “Agonda beach” and finally he understand you want to go on beach (ANY BEACH) and he’ll try to guide you but you are like a “Alien” to him and you think maybe he is right or maybe not. So before trying to experience journey by road on your own you need to have proper maps and guide to keep yourself trouble free.

Shopping in Goa is like ultimate fun, if you are going to buy some stuff (exactly you also don’t know what you are looking) and come back with some other stuff like you never wanted to buy that, but this is the charming beauty of this tiny Goan market.



So the bottom lines for all Goa lovers, Goans are very light and pure hearted but you need to check all you stuff before leaving your room and heading to explore Goa.

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