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Yacht Regal

The remarkable Yacht Regal is not only big on fun, but on space as well. Offering standard and extended seating options, this boat accommodates friends and family with plenty of room to spare.

Try the new U-shaped layout with the swiveling captain’s chairs for the utmost in cockpit comfort. With an 8.1 litre, 420 HP powerplant, the speedo on this boat will see the other side of sixty.

If you‘re looking to take pampered weekend outings to the next level, the Yacht Regal is your ticket up.

Yacht Specifications

  • Length: 8.7m (28"6)
  • Maximum Peoples: 12
  • Maximum Speed: 80 km/h.

Yacht description

The American yacht manufacturer Regal was first founded as small family business more than a hundred years ago, when Paul and Carol Cook wishing to design and construct different lines of plastic boats gathered support from their investors friends and founded their own shipyard. Soon the first three motorboats left the molding shop. These boats had impressed the potential users and votaries of yachts with their amazing shapes and meticulous execution which symbolized the level that soon became the standard for all motorboats in the shipyard. In 1971 the company expanded and moved to Orlando, Florida. Nowadays the Regal Corporation is a huge yacht-building company known far beyond the America; its distribution network covers more than 35 countries.

The main specialization of the company is the production of yachts, sport motorboats and cruising launch. It should be noted that Regal Corporation prefers to produce their yachts and motorboats from special plastic. The Regal motto is the attention to details, and the company always follows this rule. In order to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning consumers, the Regal yachts and motorboats designers consistently use valuable and rare materials while creating another one masterpiece. Thus, for example, the quite rare Momo wood, soft leather, DuPont materials and coverings of Modern brand are used for finishing and interior decoration. The company always completes its boats with Bose stereo system and Black&Decker electronics.

In addition to the external refinement the Regal boats and yachts can offer their lucky owners a real technical excellence: hulls of motorboats and yachts designed by the high-experienced professional designers of the company, has really much excellent dynamic characteristics. Due to this the Regal Corporation regularly becomes the owner of international prizes in the field of yacht building. One of the main advantages of Regal company that highlights the superior quality and reliable of yachts and boats it produces is to provide a lifetime warranty on the hulls.

Well, if after all said above you have no doubts to rent this fascinating private yacht in Goa, then we will be happy to present you one of the most remarkable Regal creations – the Regal 2700 ES motorboat. This boat is big on both fun and space. If you are planning to go for Goa boat cruises with your family or friends, in this case you should take this motorboat for sure: fast, well-equipped, modern, perfectly designed and with plenty of cozy rooms to spare. The Regal 2700 ES boat can also offer you extended seating options and comfortable U-shaped layout with a captain’s chair that can easily be swiveled if required — the best choice for the big show ever.

Yacht Video

Price for hire *

1 Hour 15000 INR
2 Hours 28000 INR
3 Hours 39000 INR
5 Hours 60000 INR

* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates.

Super All Inclusive

Every Private Luxury Charter, Standard inclusions:
Skipper / Captain 1
Crew / Hostess 1
Fuel / Jetty fee Inclusive
Soft Drinks Inclusive *
* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.

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