Scuba diving


Although it is difficult to call Goa the best and the most appropriate place for scuba diving, nevertheless the flora and fauna of the Arabian Sea is very rich and diverse. When coming to this amazing place, you are given a choice of any diving program that is combined with a guided tour. This little adventure will please both beginners and professional divers. The Arabian Sea has less corals than the Red Sea, but there are a large number of different fish which is worth seeing. In particular, we recommend you to visit the Agatti Island which is located in the Lakshadweep archipelago. This obscure and untouched place is a home for various fish spices and is akin to the underwater life of the sea near the Maldives.

What to see during the scuba diving in Goa?

The parameters of underwater visibility are 6-12 meters on the average, and in some places the same parameters can achieve 30 meters. The average water temperature parameters are 27°C-28°C, but, depending on the month, the temperature may vary from 24°C to 33°C. The best season for scuba diving in Goa is from October to March.

The underwater inhabitants of Goa are represented by redfish, Moorish idols, barracudas, damselfish, sweetlips and groupers. Also the seawaters near Goa are the home for such amazingly beautiful and unique fish species as colorful angelfishes, vivid butterfly-fishes, parrot-fishes, batfishes, snappers, tangs, tunas, lesser weever, lionfishes, quietly and smoothly slipping morays, wrasses, sharks, sea bulls and others. There are also many beautiful and colorful hard corals near the Goa coast. Scuba diving gives you really amazing opportunity to watch the life of sea cucumbers, lobsters, cuttlefishes, turtles, shrimps and shellfishes. A huge number of frocking bottlenose dolphins can be seen in the warm-water areas but to watch them you should keep the distance as these dolphins usually keep themselves clear of divers. However, if you are interested in dolphins watching, then we recommend you to rent a private yacht for this type of time spending. For example, you can hire a Bayliner Discovery 288 which is offering power, speed family yacht cruiser with excellent visibility. A large double master cabin with centre berth, a twin berth guest cabin and great galley space make living aboard very comfortable Plus, from a spacious deck you will have a chance to watch the bottlenose dolphins playing and even observe sharks and skates (fish) from a safe distance. Of course, the last two underwater inhabitants are met rare but still who knows, maybe you will be a lucky one to see them here.


It is well known that at different times about 1 000 shipwrecks happened near the Goa sea costs. Different Portuguese and Spanish merchant ships and galleons went down bodily; multiply military and trade ships sank to the bottom of the sea during the Word War II near Goa. Most of them had been found, explored and examined. In two areas where shipwrecks ever happened, the scuba diving is one of the most popular directions of active holiday spending. Besides, not so long time ago another one water craft that suffered shipwreck was found, and this proves that still so many undiscovered places with unexplored sunken ships are left here and, perhaps, one or more of them can be found one day some quite lucky scuba diver.

Best locations for scuba diving in Goa

The Grand Island is the most popular place for scuba diving in Goa. It is located 15 minutes on yachting from Bogmalo Beach (Southern Goa). This place can provide both the experienced and beginner divers with perfect, breathtaking and interesting underwater tours. We recommend you to take a look at the following possible scuba diving routes:

  • Suzy's Wreck. Here you can see the wrecked in the 1930s cargo ship, which frame hull has long time ago overgrown with corals and became a home for hundreds of tropical fishes. This tour can be taken by scuba divers of any level.
  • Sail Rock. The name was given to the rock because of its knag which emerge 10 meters from the sea. Here you can meet different species of skates (fish), sharks and big fish. Due to the strong underflow this route can be taken only by the experienced divers.


  • Davy Jones Locker. The whole remains of this sunken ship are still not found and this fact makes Davy Jones Locker one of the most popular places among scuba divers. The only one thing: this route is only for experienced divers.
  • The Umma Gumma Reef. This is an ideal place for divers of any training level. The rocky bottom is teeming with tropical fishes like snappers, angelfishes and lesser weever which are found at every turn. Sometimes you can also see the reef sharks.
  • The Shelter Cove. This route is usually chosen by beginner divers: the sandy bottom, good visibility, lots of beautiful tropical fishes. The Shelter Cove is called like that because of multiply rocks and grottos with sea turtles hiding in them.
  • The Jetty. This abandoned small quay on the sandy beach with quite shallow bottom and small waves is a favorite place not only for scuba divers but also for snorkelers.


Except the Grand Island the divers both beginners and experienced should also try several other quite interesting locations for scuba diving in Goa:

  • Netrani Island, which is located in the neighboring state of Kartanaka, is the second most popular scuba diving resort in Goa. The most fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful routes here are the Grand Central Station, Jenny’s Aquarium, Dini’s Delight and The Abyss and the Nursery.
  • Agatti Island is another one popular place for scuba diving in Goa mostly due to the 30 meters visibility parameter. Here divers can enjoy the beauty of the Coral reef and watch the underwater life of turtles, sharks, various fishes and other sea inhabitants. Moreover, this island id the perfect place for diving lessons.


When and how ?

The best season for scuba diving in Goa is very limited: from October to March, as the rest part of the year it is mostly rainy here. But during this period of the year you will have a fantastical chance to enjoy the mysterious and unexplored beauty of the underwater world of Goa. And the best way to get to any of the above named locations is to rent a private yacht in Goa which can make your holidays really unforgettable, interesting and romantic. We have a wide range of different yachts, motor boats and boats for all and any event in Goa: wedding, romantic dinner, sea charter excursions, bird watching and, of course, scuba diving. For scuba diving we recommend you to hire Sea Ray Sundancer – the elegant and comfortable American sportscruiser, which provide its guests with the luxuriously appointed deck and wide open cabin making any cruising more comfortable than you may ever imagine. Protection Status
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