Sunset River Cruise


Sunset cruise is a popular activity in Goa. Most tourists would go to the government jetty of the Mandovi River at Panaji and buy their tickets for a cruise. Such tours are operated by both the Goa Tourism Department and private operators. There are 1 and 2 hour cruises on the river with folk music, dances and dinner. You will also find a longer cruise that goes deeper into the river and even the sea.

There is also a cruise on the Zuari River where you can see crocodiles, bats, and plenty of unique bird species. In South Goa, you will find a cruise on the beautiful Sal River as well near the Cavelossim Beach. Sunset cruises on the Zuari and the Sal are not as popular as the Mandovi but they can be equally fulfilling experiences. Panaji is the capital of Goa and naturally more tourists go there. Zuari runs next to the city of Vasco, while Sal is in the extreme south.

Sunset Cruise on a Private Yacht in Goa

A sunset cruise on your own luxury yacht in Goa is always going to be a better experience. The entire yacht or luxury boat will be just for you and your group, so you will have complete privacy. The boat has an air-conditioned cabin for comfortable seating, a deck with sofas and cushions, so you can sit outside when you want to enjoy the stunning views, bathrooms with luxury toiletries, and a music system with woofers. A cruise on a private yacht in Goa will be the ultimate luxury experience.

You can have champagne as you watch the glorious sunset. This experience is not possible anywhere else in Goa on a sunset cruise.

Select Your Luxury Yacht for a Cruise

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Add To Your Sunset Cruise

A typical sunset cruise in Goa lasts for 1-2 hours. The cruise is on a river. It can even take you to the mouth of the sea.

If you want, you can add a few hours and make it a half-day cruise. You can visit Charao Island on the Mandovi River where you can see the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. From here, you can visit the neighboring Divar Island and then Old Goa where there are many UNESCO heritage sites.

You have the chance to see birds and crocodiles. In South Goa also, on the Sal River, you can see many birds, bats, and even dolphins. Protection Status
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