Yachting in Goa

Chill out on the Arabian Sea or romance with the love of your life on a private yacht for rent in Goa. Imagine blue water, white sandy beaches, and tall elegant coconut trees waving in the gentle wind. Enjoy the slow speed of life as you gently see the villages and churches passing you. Yachting in Goa is fun and so relaxing. It can be the most indulgent vacation… a life of luxury.

Chartering a yacht in Goa can be the best way to get away from the crowds. You can visit almost everywhere along the waterfront – the beaches, deep into the rivers and backwaters, the mangroves. The yacht will be your bubble, the safe place to holiday. You will have complete privacy on board. They have their own chef onboard and everything imaginable.

Yachting in Goa can be the experience of a lifetime. You don’t have to visit the Caribbean or the south of France to enjoy yachting. You can now have the same experience in Goa. We have some of the best and the most luxurious yachts in Asia.

Top Reasons to Rent a Luxury Yacht in Goa

  • Enjoy a leisure cruise with privacy
  • Celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary
  • A birthday party or celebrate a special occasion
  • Organize a corporate event
  • Shoot your music video, movie, or ad. film on board
  • Enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching, sailing
  • Fishing in the rivers of Goa and on the Arabian Sea
  • Cruise party on a Goa luxury yacht

Yacht Rent in Goa

We can help you rent some of the most luxurious private yachts in Goa. These are modern and luxurious boat charters for your private cruise.

Choose from modern yachts, sail boats, catamarans, speed boats, and jet skis. See our entire private yacht catalog in Goa here.

Host Your Yacht Party in Goa

Take your party to the next level by having it on the sea or a river. Your personal bartender will serve the drinks. The chef will prepare sumptuous meals. Have chilled beer with barbecue. It can be a birthday party, anniversary, or a celebration with friends. Yachting in Goa is enjoyable for everyone.

The Office Party

Host your office party on a luxury yacht. Relax and bond better with your work friends. This will be a long-needed break for everyone and an inspiration as well to work even better. The big sea might even inspire them to think out of the box, which may help generate new ideas. If nothing else, then it would be a fun trip for everyone. You may also have a brainstorming session, which chilling and eating during the cruise.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Yacht in Goa

A yacht is like the BMW or luxury cars. Getting married on a luxury yacht is the ultimate in indulgence. It will surely be a magical experience. You can also organize a pre-wedding photo shoot on board. Learn more here.

Film Shooting

Shoot a music video, advertisement film, or a movie on a luxury yacht for rent in Goa. We can take you to exotic locations with a scenic backdrop. We can arrange for permissions and make all the other arrangements. Charter a yacht for model portfolio shoot, promotional shoot, a song album, short movie, and a calendar shoot. Find out more information in this link.

Family Adventure on the Water

A family ho9liday is all about creating a happy memory. Bring everyone together on a private yacht adventure in Goa. Imagine how much fun the kids are going to have. Spend a day cruising on the serene water of Goa. Jump into the water. Try snorkeling, fishing, or jet skiing. Enjoy water sports. Catch up on the old times with drinks and sumptuous food prepared by a professional chef and served on the deck. Create a family memory for everyone to cherish.

Relax to the Sound of the Waves

There can be nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves, particularly after a busy and tiring work routine. Yachting in Goa can be the perfect way to unwind and recharge those tired batteries. Cruise through the rivers gently and see Goan traditional villages, churches, and homes pass by gently. Cruise on the Arabian Sea and reach the beaches on your private charter yacht. Enjoy coconut water or beer. This is Goa like you have never seen before.

Yacht Cruises in Goa for the Nature Lover

Goa is paradise for the nature lover. Discover the crevices of the landmass you have never seen before. Reach remote beaches and islands that can only be visited from the sea. The swaying palm trees to a gentle breeze, villages, churches, homes… everything looks better from the water. See old heritage buildings like the Reis Magos Fort, the twin bridges, and the city of Panjim. You can even visit the mangrove areas. If you are lucky, you can see many rare birds, bats, and even dolphins from your yacht for hire in Goa.

Fishing in Goa

Yachting in Goa will be good for the fishing enthusiasts as well. You can try deep-sea fishing or river fishing in the mangroves and estuaries. Take a private yacht for rent in Goa and go on a full-day or half-day fishing expedition. The Goa waters are full of salmon, stingray, mullet, soormai, King fish, guitar fish, surgeon fish, rock fish, barramundi, lady fish, barracuda and more. October to May is the best time for deep-sea fishing in Goa. River fishing is good throughout the year.

Sunset Cruising

Cruise into the sunset like a Hollywood star on your own private yacht for rent in Goa. Sunset cruising is very popular in Goa, but nothing can beat the experience when you are cruising on a luxury yacht. You can have champagne and barbecue, while you see the sun go down on the Arabian Sea – a picture postcard experience.

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