J24 Sailboat

When you come to Goa for either a calm beach holidays or active vocations you will anyway be interested to take the Goa boat cruises and sail around the islands that are located near Goa. For any of your purposes we can offer you a huge line of different boats, yachts, motorboats and sailboats among which you will no doubts find the proper one for yourself that will meet all requirements you put. But if you want to get a private yacht in Goa for quite day sail or small romantic cruise then you should pay your attention onto the J24 Sailboat.


The J/Boats shipbuilding yard was founded on a base of the popular “garage-type shipyards start-ups” scheme: having a small initial capital the two brothers have constructed their first small 24-foot boat in a garage. 35 years intervened but this J24 yacht is still one of the most popular keel yachts in the world in a number of constructed yacht hulls (about six thousand). Nowadays, the J/Boats Company is one of the leading yacht shipyards in the world, and its production line amounts about 13 different models. The main feature of the J/Boats yachts is their high speed characteristics which allow their owners to participate in various regattas and even take the first prizes.


The early J24 yachts needed much work to do to rebuild their keel shapes (like, for example, to move some material forward) in order to make this boats point and sail as fast as they only can in light wind. Working hard over the rebuilding of J24 yachts the designers of this classical sailboat in a short possible time made the J24 yachts as fast and fury as they can only be. New boat models are manufactured by multiply companies in America, France, Italy and Argentina which successfully use the modern innovations and classical boat style in order to get strong, fast and comfortable sailboat that can be used for both – the participation in different regattas and romantic weekends in the open sea.

Today the J/24 model is not anymore the most modern and perfectly equipped sailboat in its model line, but, however, it is still much popular yacht among other keel boats that are represented at the market. And even if someone owns the world’s best J/24 yacht, the classical J/24 model being modified a little bit can beat a record in fast sailing and bring its owner the first prize in a championship even after 30.000 miles of trailering. And this is actually one of the numerous advantages of “One-design” sailing that the J/24 sailboats are benefitting from.


The J/24 yachts of any model and year of production are well maintained, easy to sail both single handed and with a small crew, has a spinnaker, VHF, mainsail headsail, 2 spinnakers (small and large). This sailboat can be easily used for cruising, day sail, romantic time spending or for different regattas.

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