Yacht Club in Goa

Enjoy exclusive access to the acclaimed event program organised for our members. Including regular Cruising Club expeditions and island destinations, these events are organised by Goa Yacht Club’s passionate and dedicated leadership team.

Yacht Club — Member benefits

Goa Luxury Yacht Club is your preferred home port for your yacht, your family, and guests. A yacht is the perfect platform for exploring remote distant islands. Imagine cruising with your friends on a luxurious yacht, sheer comfort, exotic scenery, warm tropical breezes, blue — azure — sapphire waters, magical sunsets, this is what Goa yacht club is all about! Being a member of Luxury Goa yacht club offers you the privileges of being a part of one of the most active yacht clubs in the region, set in amongst the spectacular, one of a kind setting of Goa Coastline.

Yacht Club – How to Join yacht club in Goa.

Member’s only areas including these lounges offer a classy refuge away for our members to enjoy a private meeting with fellow boaters. By joining as a member of Goa Yacht Club, you will automatically gain the right to berth your yacht on a permanent basis, as well as the membership privileges outlined. Joining Goa Yacht Club, members get Gold & silver card for membership. A yacht owner may have multiple yachts berthed under an individual or company membership. Luxury yacht club in Goa is sure to make many a wild Dreams Come True!

Yacht Club Facilities

Considering the vastness and variety of sporting opportunities in water sports and yachting in particular, the Goa luxury yacht club has planned the infrastructure development with a two location approach, rather than concentrating all facilities at one location. The basic yachting and dinghy sailing is located at one place and the facilities required for a higher level of items involving sophisticated equipment and ancillary tools is located at another place.

Other Facilities

  • Film/video shooting in Goa.
  • Luxury private birthday party in Goa.
  • Marriage anniversary in Goa.
  • Honeymoon in Goa.
  • Romantic evening private yacht charter in Goa.
  • Luxury yacht in Goa.
  • Speedboat in Goa.
  • Corporate events in Goa.
  • Water sports in Goa.
  • Memorable moment in Goa.
  • Customized/tailor maid yacht and speedboat tours in Goa.

We also design custom-built package to exactly suit your requirement, please elucidate more on what you exactly have in your mind so we enable to design your cruise and price accordingly.

Goa Luxury Yacht Club

  • Tel +91 (880) 508 4839
  • Email info@goayacht.com
  • Customized/tailor maid yacht
  • trips: jain@goayacht.com
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