Private dinghy sailing

Goa is the perfect beach destination, offering a fabulous mix of scenic beauty, amazing food and a wide range of water sports. The beaches of Goa are not only places to laze around and gorge on sumptuous Goan delights. They offer a large number of entertaining beach activities that will leave you asking for more. These water sports of Goa are ideal for the lovers of sports and adventure. Among the various water sports of Goa, Dinghy sailing has become very popular due to its slow, leisurely pace. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea in a relaxed mood along with friends or family.

The boats used in Goa for Dinghy sailing are about 15 feet in length. They can accommodate 3-4 people. Dinghy sailing is chiefly a leisure activity. It does not require any special skills, or athletic abilities. The sport is also known as sandwich and beer sailing, indicating its leisurely nature.

Sailing with your friends or families while the blue sea water passes gently beneath you can be a memorable experience. If you are lucky, you might even catch dolphins and a variety of fishes. Dinghy sailing in Goa is a best alternative to sailing. Although it does not require speed to propel the boat but it is a kind of windsurfing only. You can bask in the fun of fishing and slow boating at the same time through this sport. Not only this, Dingy sailing in Goa is a pleasure activity as you can sail off the shore and relish the beauty of marine life. Protection Status
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