Divar Island

/static/pub/image/CID_0034_29fcb7065dba348ba00a8bfa1cdadf41.jpgBeautiful cruise in Goa by backwaters trip with private luxury yacht to the beautiful Divar island which is situated across the Mandovi River from Old Goa. A ferry connects the southern end of the island with Old Goa. It’s a best choice for family holiday in Goa.

Boasting a natural setting, with the lush green landscapes of the island home to palm trees and paddy fields, just sit back and enjoy the peaceful scenery and ambience. Walks and bike rides through the tranquil countryside make for relaxing days out, with great views out across the Mandovi River and over the hilltops to Panjim and Old Goa.

Divar Island plays host each year to the Bonderam Festival, or feast of the harvest, which takes place on the last saturday in august and attracts many locals and visitors alike, despite being the monsoon season. The festival boasts a carnival-like atmosphere with colorful floats, music and plenty of food.

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