Corjuem Island

/static/pub/image/CID_0059_29fcb7065dba348ba00a8bfa1cdadf41.jpgThe island of Corjuem is easily accessible by private yacht. Closeby there is a fort.Corjuem fort is situated to the north of Pomburpa, near the Aldona village. It is known for its rich historical significance and great architecture. The fort has the distinction of being one of the only two inland forts that are surviving. The fort is built out of pitted laterite stones. The nearby Aldona village adds to its beauty. The fort is surrounded by lush greenery and one gets to see the beautiful views of the surroundings. It has become one of the most famous forts of Goa for its rich beauty and history. It’s a best historical place to visit specially for honeymoon holidaying in Goa.

The beautiful island of Corjuem or Khorguem is located in the Bardez Taluka of the north Goa Corjuem is well connected with Aldona through a road bridge which is built akin to the San Fransisco golden gate bridge. The bridge is an attraction in itself. The people of Corjuem are known for their singing and the village known for its architectural beauty. Protection Status
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