Corjuem Island


Sail down the Mandovi River gently to reach the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. The river takes a right turn from here. The smaller Mapusa River meets the Mandovi at the confluence. Sail upstream through the Mapusa, cross the sanctuary, pass through traditional villages, see the lighthouse just after the Calvim-Aldone Bridge, the Aldona Cable Bridge, and you will reach the inlands of the Bardez Taluka. The beautiful Corjuem village is a short walk from here.

Top reasons for visiting Corjuem – Only a few tourists visit Corjuem but those who come here go back home with a rewarding experience.

Firstly, you will enjoy a laid-back cruise on a luxury yacht. We can serve gourmet meals, fresh fruits, cold drinks, and alcoholic drinks on board. Our yachts have air-conditioned cabins, lockers and drawers, bathrooms with towels and luxury toiletries, kitchen with utensils and iced coolers, a music system, front deck with sun beds and pillows, canopy for sun protection, outdoor seating and dining areas.

Corjuem Fort

You can also see a beautiful fort in the village – the Corjuem Fort. A protected monument, the fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1705 to protect the town of Corjuem from Maratha aggression. It is one of the two surviving inland forts in Goa. There is a Chapel inside the fort that falls under the church of Aldona.

This beautiful fort was made of pitted laterite stones. You can easily spend a couple of hours here. The view from the top is stunning. You can see the winding Mapusa River as it meets the Assanora and forms a small mangrove forest. You will also see lush greenery all around, wide-open fields, rice fields, tall coconut palms, lakes, and many traditional homes.

The Aldona Bridge is another attraction. It looks like the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The sunset view from here is stunning.

Not many people get to experience a luxury cruise on a yacht.

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