Butterfly Island

Butterfly Beach is a thin and narrow coastal strip in South Goa between Agonda and Palolem. It is sometimes referred to as an island as the only practical way of reaching the beach is from the sea. Through the land route, you will have to trek through hills and a thick forest to reach the beach, which is very difficult for most people. Reaching through the sea is always the more practical option. /static/pub/image/CID_0036_29fcb7065dba348ba00a8bfa1cdadf41.jpg

Butterfly Island

Butterfly beach or island is a world of tranquility and serene calmness. It is difficult to reach and so, you may have the beach entirely to yourself. It will feel like a private beach. The beach gets its name from the huge number of butterflies you will see here. They are everywhere. There are tall cliffs on both sides and a thick forest cover.

The sea is clean and full of corals as there are so few tourists. It can even be completely empty when you visit. You won’t even see fishermen bringing in their daily catch or drying their nets as there are no fishing villages nearby.

You have the chance to see dolphins very close as there are no swimmers to disturb them. You can ride a canoe or a kayak on the calm and clean water. You can see the corals through the crystal clear water.

In low tide, the water goes back, revealing a wider beach. You can then see many crabs and goldfishes. You can also see sea urchins, sea cucumbers and even redfish, especially early in the morning!

How to Reach Butterfly Beach

To reach Butterfly beach, you have to first reach Palolem by a private yacht. You will then transfer to a speed boat, which will take you to the beach. It is only a short ride from Palolem.

During your cruise from Palolem to Butterfly Beach, you will see various attractions like –

  1. Canacona Island
  2. Palolem Rocks
  3. Foot Rock
  4. Turtle Rock

You can even visit Honeymoon Beach, which is a lot like Butterfly Beach. Honeymoon Beach is equally difficult to reach through land as this beach too is surrounded by hills with a thick forest.

A trip to Butterfly Beach can be a wonderful full-day tour where you will see a different side of Goa, away from the tourists.

Visit Butterfly Island on a luxury yacht. Call or WhatsApp +91 9552934534 Marine Asia. You can also send an email to info@goayacht.com.

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