Goa Swimming Yacht

The most common water sport is swimming. The water around the Goan beaches is warm and almost always safe. Swimming can be enjoyed by everyone. Holidaying in Goa is an experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by nature's beauty it sits comfortably between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. If you are an avid water sports lover you have plenty of reasons to enjoy your trip to Goa. Swimming in the calm waters of the Arabian Sea is also a relaxing experience.

Palolem is Goa's southernmost beach with a blue bay and white sand. You see dolphins here. Besides the Palolem beach, the Mabor beach and the Colva beach are beautiful stretches of sand. The safest beach for swimming is Bogmolo Beach.

Swimming in Goa becomes even more attractive for the tourists arriving in Goa as the lukewarm seawater becomes extremely tempting and you just can’t resist the lure once you are in one of the beaches in Goa by yacht. There is simply no end to fun and frolic in the warm waves of sea in Goa.

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