Goa Catamaran sailing


Catamaran sailing has become popular only recently. These two-hull boats have more space, they are more stable compared to monohulls and thus don’t rock as much on water, they have a shallow draft that lets them enter shallow water, and they have a decent speed too. As a result, catamaran sailing is getting popular throughout the world.

It is a new entry in Goa as well. However, it is fast becoming popular among the adventure loving tourists. Luckily, most beaches in Goa offer facilities for catamaran sailing.

Catamaran Sailing in Goa

Catamarans are also called Hobby Cats. Sailing on a catamaran is much like conventional sailing. It is a leisure activity, unlike an adventure ride on a speed boat. You will gently glide through the water, which will give you the chance to enjoy the sea and the scenery. The boat travels silently too, so you can approach marine life, like pods of dolphins.

Catamaran Cruiser

Our Catamaran Cruiser is sleek and sexy. It has unusual features. It has two decks, one on the lower level and the second on the higher level, so there is plenty of space. Both the Eurostyle cabins offer panoramic views. They are open on all sides, guaranteeing the best views. The cockpit has a freshwater misting system, which lets the guests cool down on a hot day.

Sailing on a catamaran epitomizes luxury and style. The classy boat will easily stand out from the rest of the fleet. There is a lot of space too on the boat, so it can accommodate a large group of guests. And while sailing, you can stop to enjoy swimming, fishing, and kayaking. On board, there is a lot of space for sunbathing. Kayaks, life jackets, and other things can easily be carried on board. You can even party on board the catamaran.

Our Catamaran Cruiser will sail with a captain and a crew/hostess. Up to 45 passengers can sail in this vessel. It reaches a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. We can plan with you to finalize your itinerary. Just let us know where you want to visit in Goa. Our cruise specialists can also offer you suggestions.

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