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Goa offers a range of water sports activities like speed boat and banana boat rides, water scooter, parasailing, water skiing, kayaking, and even cruising. Why not do something that is a little more adventurous, such as dolphin sighting? It will be perfect for animal and nature lovers.

Bordered by the sea, Goa has 65 species of fish and 30 species of corals. According to estimates, the water has 3 of the 83 cetaceans or marine mammals that are found globally. You can generally see two species of dolphins in Goa – the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and the Finless Porpoises. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the humpback dolphins as “Near Threatened” but luckily, you have a good chance to see them in Goa. You may even see the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins.

On a dolphin cruise in Goa, you may suddenly come across a super pod of these marine mammals swimming together. These fun-loving mammals are not shy of humans and very curious in nature. They can come very close to your boat. You may even have the chance of swimming with them.

Best Places in Goa for Dolphin Sighting

  1. Palolem Beach – Palolem is a beautiful crescent-shaped beach in South Goa. It is lined with coconut palms and there is a small backwater too in its northern side, which makes it very beautiful. You can take a local boat from the fishermen for a dolphin trip on the sea.
  2. Coco Beach – Coco is a small beach between Panaji and Candolim. It is close to the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Nerul River. You can also see the Arabian Sea. There is a fantastic dolphin point near the mouth of the Mandovi and the Nerul.
  3. Cavelossim Beach – Cavelossim is at the mouth of the Sal River in South Goa. This beautiful beach is lined with black lava rocks. You have the chance to see dolphins both in the sea and the river. They may even swim along your boat if you are lucky.
  4. Sinquerim Beach – This small but pretty beach is located at the southern corner of Candolim. The imposing Aguada Fort looms on top of the hill. Once again, you will find many boats for hire for your dolphin sighting in Goa.
  5. Morjim Beach – Morjim is a famous beach as it is a nesting site of the Olive Ridley Turtles. It is at the confluence of the Chapora River in North Goa. There is a reef at the center of the Chapora Channel.
  6. Grand Island – Very close to Dabolim, Ilha Grande or the Grand Island is a fantastic destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and dolphin watching. It will be a lovely half-day trip.

Dolphin Trip on a Luxury Boat

You can always hire a local fisherman’s boat for a dolphin watching trip. However, you need to remember two things. These boats are not always safe, as they get overcrowded. The price is cheap and so the fisherman will try to accommodate as many tourists as possible. The boat may overturn and this can be dangerous because there are sharks in Goa. Secondly, you will have to travel with people you don’t know.

You can rent a private yacht in Goa for your dolphin trip. It will be exclusively for your group, it will be safer, and more luxurious. The luxury yacht will have air-conditioned cabins, decks with sofas and pillows, a bathroom with luxury toiletries, a kitchen with utensils, and a music system. You can have champagne and snacks on board.

Marine Asia runs an ethical dolphin-spotting program. The yacht is run by internationally accepted dolphin-watching guidelines. All guidelines are followed. The engines are always switched off in the presence of dolphins. The vessel is kept parallel to the dolphin pods, giving you the opportunity to observe them and their habitat without creating any disturbance.

Cover Various Spots on Your Luxury Yacht in Goa

Luckily, many spots are close to each other. For example, you can combine a trip to Palolem with Butterfly Island and Canacona Island on your luxury yacht. Similarly, you can combine both Sinquerim and Coco Beach. From your Cavelossim tour, you can cruise on the scenic Sal River. You can end your trip by watching sunset while having champagne.

Many of these combinations are not possible on a simple boat. But you can do this easily if you hire a private yacht or a luxury boat for half a day. You will naturally increase your chances of seeing the dolphins.

The Best Time to See Dolphins in Goa

The best time to see dolphins is between October and February. The sea will be choppy during the monsoon. You will have a better chance early in the morning and just before evening. Protection Status
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