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When you think of houseboats, the first images that come to your mind are probably of Kerala. Those beautiful boats passing through the backwaters and lakes of Alappuzha, Kumarakom, and Kollam! But did you know that there are many other places in India where you can cruise on a houseboat and even stay overnight in a houseboat? Over the years, Goa has emerged as a major destination for staying in a house boat. The state has many rivers where you can enjoy this holiday experience. Today's Goa offers much more than just beaches, nightclubs, forts, and waterfalls. Here are some of the places in India where you can stay in a houseboat and also enjoy a cruise on a river or backwater –

  • Udupi, Karnataka
  • Tarkarli, Maharashtra
  • Dal Lake, Kashmir – no cruising, only overnight staying
  • Brahmaputra, Assam
  • Puducherry
  • Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh
  • Sundarban, West Bengal
  • Goa

Of them, Sundarban and Goa offers the finest experiences. Sundarban because you can cruise within one of the world’s largest and most diverse mangrove sanctuaries that is the home of the Bengal Tiger and Goa because of its varied landscapes, laid-back vibe, and many adventures.

Houseboat Holiday in Goa

Goa has a beautiful coastline with soft, sandy beaches, many of which are lined with hills and swaying casuarinas. There are also many stunning forts, churches, and some of Asia’s most famous nightclubs. Did you know that Goa also has many scenic rivers and backwaters where you can enjoy a houseboat holiday?

Chapora River

Chapora River is in North Goa between Morjim Beach and Vagator Beach. It is a beautiful river with a few islands, sandbanks, and the Chapora Fort on its southern banks. Inland, after crossing the Siolim-Chopdem Bridge, there is a huge mangrove area, where you can see many birds and crocodiles.

Your houseboat trip will start from the Siolim jetty in the late afternoon. You will cruise past the 16th-century Chapora Fort, cross under the bridge, and head towards the backwater area. The boat will moor for the night close to the mangrove. Enjoy your dinner and stay overnight in your houseboat.

Wake up the next morning to the gentle song of the many birds. Have your breakfast and then cruise back to the jetty.

In this houseboat cruise in Goa, you will see many traditional homes, beautiful churches, riverbank farming, and cockle fishing. You can kayak when the boat is stationary. You also have the chance of seeing dolphins.

Mandovi River

A houseboat cruise on the Mandovi is a must-do for bird lovers. The Mandovi has the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary where you can see western reef heron, striated heron, black bittern, jack snipe, pied avocet, and the red knot. You can also see fiddler crabs and mudskippers.

Cruise through the channels to see crocodiles and birds. Old Goa is very close to this sanctuary. It has many UNESCO Heritage Sites.

The modern houseboats in Goa have air-conditioned cabins, upper and lower decks, modern bathrooms, and other facilities. Food and beverages are served on board.

Marine Asia

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Contact us for your cruise in Goa. We can help you private cruise in Goa on a luxury yacht and can even find a good houseboat, if you prefer.

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