River house boat cruise

Goa is very famous for services it provides in river cruising by house boat. Goa has got many beautiful rivers and lakes which makes Goa a very pleasant cruising destination. On the house boat or one get to see the beautiful and calm view of the rivers and of the surrounding areas. One can choose cruises from daytime to moonlight. Cruising in Goa fills one with complete joy a.Cruising in Goa is a complete enjoyment giving relaxation and excitement throughout the trip.

Experience the goodness of Goa.While the houseboat can gently glides along the back waters of Goa you could laze on the deck and catch the sun. Among the innumerable activities on board you could also try your hand at fishing and then have the fish you catch cooked onboard by us for you.

On the Mandovi river is an enjoyable experience. While you sail across the river Mandovi you can view some exotic lush greenery and the blue waters of the river. You can also spot some flocks of seagulls, crocodiles and the locals.

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