Panjim Cruises

Panjim or Panaji, the state capital of Goa, is beside the Mandovi River. It has the Miramar Beach, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Fontainhas or the Latin Quarter, the Goa State Museum, Science Center, Campal Gardens, and several casinos, but most tourists visit Panjim for a cruise in Goa. Panaji is the start and end point of most river cruises in Goa on the Mandovi.

The river runs next to the city and meets the Arabian Sea close to the Miramar Beach. At the other end is the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Goa Tourism operates 1 and 2 hour cruises from the Panjim jetty, which is also known as the Santa Monica jetty. It is just below the Atal Sethu.

Panjim Cruises in Goa

Here are the main river cruises in Goa on the Mandovi from the Panjim jetty.

  • One Hour Cruises – 1-hour Panjim cruises show the historic building along the Mandovi like the Adil Shah Palace and the Goa Museum. The palace has served as Goa’s Secretariat and earlier was used by the Viceroy of Portugal. It is now a building of art and cultural heritage. You can also see many casinos on the river.
  • Two Hour Cruises – 2-hour Panjim cruise in Goa offers more. There is live Goan folk music on deck like the mando, traditional dancing like fugdi and dekhni. It ends with a sumptuous dinner.
  • Sunset Cruises – Some private operators also offer sunset cruises on the rivers of Goa like the Mandovi. They too leave from the Santa Monica jetty late in the afternoon and cruise along the river, reaching for the river’s confluence with the sea. You will get to see a glorious sunset on the river. Snacks and drinks are served on board.
  • Backwater Cruises in Goa – There is also a backwater Panjim cruise that takes tourists to Old Goa, providing glimpses of the Divar and Chorao islands. Chorao is the largest of Goa’s 17 islands. It has a beautiful mangrove forest, where you can see a lot of birds. This backwater cruise in Goa is for 5 hours. Lunch is served on board. There is live entertainment too. Relax on board, take in the scenery, enjoy your food, and do birdwatching. You will also have glimpses of Old Goa along the way.
  • Adventure Cruises – There is at least one cruise that leaves the Santa Monica jetty and visits the Dona Paula beach on the other side of Panjim, the Zuari Bay, and goes on till the Bambolim Beach in South Goa.

Private Yacht Cruise in Goa

Enjoy a life of luxury on a private cruise in Goa. Do not stand in queue at the Santa Monica jetty or share space with the other tourists on board a public cruise. The cruise will be just for you and your group. This will surely be a luxury vacation to remember in your own private yacht in Goa, like this Fairline Squadron 42.

You will find many private yacht for rent in Goa that comes with luxury saloons, open-plan galleries, modern luxuries, and stylish cabins. There is air-conditioning. Your personal cabin crew will look after all your needs. Food and drinks is served on board.

Fix your journey. Visit the islands of Divar, San Jacinto, Chorao, or the distant Grand or Canacona island on the Arabian Sea. Reach distant shores or cruise through the beautiful Goa rivers. You can see villages, paddy fields, and churches along the way.

Sailing Yacht and Catamaran Service in Goa

You can also rent a sailing yacht or catamaran. The Dona Paula jetty on the other side of Panjim is a good place for your sailing trip. Feel like flying as you take on the waves, powered by the sea breeze. There is no motor to drive you, so no noise.

A catamaran cruise in Goa will take you closer to the islands because these vessels have a shallow draft. They can navigate through the shallow waters easily. The catamarans also have a larger surface area, so you will have more space to spread out and relax.

The Mandovi River

Mandovi, Mahadayi, or Mhadei, is a large river in Goa. It originates from many springs in the Western Ghat Mountains and flows west to meet the Arabian Sea at Panjim. It runs for a total of 129 kilometers in Goa and the neighboring state of Karnataka.

The view on both the banks is superb. You can visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the best places for bird watching in India. Old Goa on the opposite banks of the sanctuary, which is fantastic. There is a thick forest upstream in the Vanzim Island as well. And finally, there is Panjim, Goa’s capital city. Panjim cruises are the best way to enjoy the river and life along its banks. Protection Status
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