Baga river speed boat


Baga River is a small creek on the northern side of the popular Baga Beach in North Goa. Thousands of tourists visit Baga beach to enjoy the beautiful coastline, for swimming, and water sports. The beach is lined with many sunbeds and umbrellas. You can relax or enjoy the many water sports. The beach also has many cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. Many tourists, especially those visiting from the north will cross Baga River to arrive at the beach. Those coming from the south may not know about the river, though the main parking area is just next to it.

Baga River is small but extremely beautiful. The mouth of the sea is a busy area because you will find many boats moored here. You will find speed boats, traditional dingy boats, and also fishermen’s boats which they take out to the sea.

Speed Boating on the Baga River

Enjoy a speed boat cruise on the Baga River. Its confluence with the sea is a busy area. But move into the interior and you will have complete peace and serenity. Baga River is also river in fish. You may even see dolphins.

One side of the river has paddy fields and the other side is lined with trees, cafes, bakeries, hotels, resorts, and villas. You will see a strange box-like bridge that is fondly called ‘The Coffin Bridge’. The bridge separates the paddy fields and the settlements. All this suddenly disappears when the river turns right. You will then have a small mangrove area on both the banks with large lakes.

The river meanders through the countryside and gradually narrows. You can stop to visit the Splashdown Waterpark. If you are cruising in the afternoon, then you can also visit the Arpora Night Market in the evening.

Its confluence with the sea is hilly. You will notice a group of black rocks making an enchanting view of nature. There is annual boat festival held in late June. It is called the Sangodd Festival. Protection Status
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