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Alorna Fort is a small citadel in North Goa close to the new airport in Mopa. Also called Halarn Fort or Fort Santa Cruz de Alorna, it is located in the village of Allorna, which gives the fort its name.

The fort stands several kilometers inland on the bank of the Chapora River. This riverfront citadel was erected by the Bhonsle rulers in the 17th-century to defend against the attacking Marathas. However, it was still captured by the Marquis of Castello Novo. In 1781, it was captured by Dom Frederico Guilherme de Souza as the Marquis of Alorna lost.

In its heydays, the fort had four cannons. Sadly, the Alorna Fort is now in ruins. But you can still see two of its original four guns. The scenery around the fort is also worth seeing. The Chapora River flows quietly through the countryside. There are hills, forests, and many traditional homes displaying the best Goan architecture.

Visiting the Alorna Fort on a Speed Boat

You can always go by road. But the best way to reach the citadel is through the river. A speed boat ride will not only be the quickest way, it will also be the most scenic route, and also the most pleasurable experience.

Start your cruise from the mouth of the Chapora River in Siolim. Cross under the Siolim-Chopdem Bridge to reach Canoe Island, a green paradise. Continue your cruise and you will reach a mangrove estuary where you can see many birds and crocodiles. This is also a popular kayaking area.

Along the way, you will have to cross many scenic river islands. The landscape changes once again after the mangrove. It turns hilly with forests on both sides and in between, you will see many homes, paddy fields, and coconut groves. The Kalna River meets the Chapora. Alorna Fort is ahead, just after a bend.

What You Can See Around Alorna Fort

There are many attractions to see around the fort. You can see –

  • Ozari waterfall
  • La Quica waterfall
  • Amthane Lake and Dam
  • Ibrampur Dam
  • Anu Farm

A speed boat cruise to Alorna Fort will be a wonderful half-day trip for guests who want a mix of nature, wildlife, and history. It will be a great adventure as well. Protection Status
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