The history of windsurfing began in 1948 on the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania, and up to nowadays the techniques and approaches of this sport activity continues to develop and supplement. The sailboard is a simplified model of a sailing vessel with no steering wheel.

What is windsurfing and what must the beginner windsurfer know?

This sport requires the ability to adjust your own strength and your body balance to change the position of the sailboard as to the direction of wind and water. All you will need for successful windsurfing is a lot of patience, a good health and a really good guidance from a professional trainer. The best time for the first windsurf training (of course, if you are a beginner but not a professional and experienced windsurfer) is an early morning when the wind and sea waves are yet calm, and with the help of the qualified instructors it will take you about 6 hours to learn the basic techniques of windsurfing. For those who already have the skills of windsurfing, the Goa beaches can offer special equipment for rent.

Best places for windsurfing in Goa.

There are many entertainments you can enjoy in Goa, including a wide choice of water sport activities. Alongside with scuba diving and parasailing, windsurfing in Goa is much popular among the tourists. Of course, taking this into account Goa offers its guests different places for windsurfing, the most popular of which we would like to recommend you naming them below:

  • Morjim Beach is a vast expanse of golden sands with small cozy restaurants made of palm leaves, the soft and tender seawaters, the gentle wind and hot sun. This is an ideal place for active time spending where you can enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing. The beach spreads three kilometers coastwise, and is located close to the famous Chopdem Beach and Turtle Beach – amazingly beautiful and convenient places for both, windsurfing and quite pastime.


  • Calangute Beach is a quite interesting place to spend your time in. The beach has a form of a half-moon and is 7 km long. The beach is very much popular among tourists: you can spend your time in one of numerous places of entertainment, or enjoy tender seawaters and soft sun lying on a beach, or try yourself in windsurfing or parasailing.
  • Aswem Beach is one of the most romantic places in Northern Goa surrounded by a palm grove. This place is relatively quiet and secluded. Here you can wander through the wide clean beach which has nearly no annoying vendors. The La Beach Street is one of the main attractions of Aswem: here you will have an unforgettable chance to try the best dishes of local and international cuisines. On the beach itself you can rent some special equipment for water sports like windsurfing, parasailing and kite surfing.
  • Agonda Beach is another one 3 km long beach with snow-white sand and high palms. Notwithstanding that this place is one of the most quite and desert places in Southern Goa, the beach is still worth visiting: you can enjoy calm and silent rest on a beach or water sport activities on your own. On the north-west of Agonda Beach you can find an ancient fort — Саbo da Rama which has a long and interesting history. So here you can do several things together: visit some attractions and learn more about Goa and its history, enjoy quietness lying on a beach under the sun, and try yourself in different water sport activities like windsurfing or snorkeling.


  • Bogmalo Beach is a sandy beach surrounded by palm groves. The beach is well equipped with all necessary for good holiday spending like sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants for all tastes. The tourist infrastructure is well developed here: the beach can offer its guests equipment for windsurfing, snorkeling and parasailing and even a quite good diving school.
  • Colva Beach is not only the most developed beach in the Southern Goa but also a real center of beach holiday. Modern Colva offers tourists different HORECA objects like hotels and restaurants, cafes and clubs for any taste and budget. Moreover, for those who prefer to spend their vocations in some piece and quite place, Colva can offer some remote solitude places where you can enjoy your own isolation and involve yourself into some active sports on your taste and choice.
  • Palolem Beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Goa with perfect ecology and beautiful sight. The place is also known as a Heaven’s Coast due to the white sand, crystal-clear sea water and exotic nature. Here you can windsurf, watch dolphins, snorkeling, parasailing or travel to Emerald Islands and enjoy there the beauty of the nature and perfect sea view.


It’s up to you to decide what beach to choose for your vocations. All we can do is to recommend you to make your holidays even more unforgettable, romantic, active and impressive by hiring a luxury yacht in Goa. For example, if you want to try windsurfing in Goa and afterwards enjoy privacy in the open sea waters, you should think about renting a yacht or a boat. For this purposes we recommend you to pay your attention onto Fairline Squadron 42, which is a two-cabin flybridge yacht with a comfy saloon, an open-plan galley, a large cockpit and an innovative launching system for the tender, or Yacht Fairline, which is an excellent example of Fairline's longest reigning model equipped with air conditioning, holding tank, crew cabin and luxurious and spacious rooms. Protection Status
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