Fishing in Goa

Goa is one of the best places in India for fishing. There are all types of fishing activities you can do here like deep-sea fishing, beach fishing, river fishing, and even spear fishing. You will see many locals enjoying fishing here. For some of them, of course, it is their profession. They catch fish to sell it in the local market. A major portion of the fish is sold to business people, who send it to the neighboring states as Goa produces more fish than it can consume. You will also find many who enjoy sports fishing. It is quickly coming up as a major water sports activity in the state.


Fishing On a Luxury Yacht

So, if you are keen about angling or sport fishing, then you can certainly visit Goa. Rent a luxury yacht in Goa for your fishing expedition. The yacht can take you to some of the best fishing spots where you can get a good catch. For fishing in Goa, we recommend the LAGOON 44, which is a super catamaran that has everything you need for your fishing trip.

LAGOON 44 will also offer you every luxury you want. It has air-conditioned cabins, so you can rest in the shade, while traveling to the fishing spot and during the return trip. It has a lovely deck too with lounge sofa and directors’ style foldable chairs where you can relax if you want to enjoy the scenery and the fresh sea or river breeze.


Best Places for Fishing in Goa

  1. The Last Asylum – This spot is just off Polem beach, which is one of the southernmost beaches in Goa and is very close to Karnataka. The area has a jagged headland, thick forest, and clear blue water, which makes it good for fishing. It is also very scenic. It is fondly called “The Last Asylum” because of its remoteness and virgin nature. It is very difficult to reach such a remote corner by road. Arrive in style on your luxury yacht. It is the more practical option as well.
  2. River Tiracol – Also called Terekhol, this is on the opposite side. The river is in North Goa, running along the state’s border with Maharashtra. Once again, it will be very difficult to reach such a remote place by car. It will take a long time. It will be so much luxurious and fun to reach the river on a fishing yacht. Tiracol has deep blue water that is often very transparent. You can catch red snappers, barramundis, threadfin salmons, and groupers.


3. Reis Magos Jetty & Rocks – You can expect to catch a variety of fish here depending on the migration pattern and season. Plus, a cruise on the Mandovi River is in itself an enjoyable experience. While visiting this area on your luxury yacht for rent, you may also want to enjoy kayaking on the nearby Nerul River, which has a lovely mangrove where you can see many birds.

4. The Water Near Fort Aguada – The fort, which is very close to Reis Magos, is a popular tourist spot in Goa. The water off this fort is placid and clear. Enjoy your fishing here with a chance to catch a lot of marine species. You can even see dolphins.


What Fish Can You Catch In Goa

You have the chance to catch a lot of fish in Goa, including Grouper, Red Snapper, Barramundi, Barracuda, Threadfin Salmon, King Mackerel, Reef Cod, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Dorado, Guitarfish, Stingray, Ladyfish, Rockfish, Bonito, and others. For conservation, we encourage you to catch and then release the fish.

As a rule of thumb, the deeper the water, the bigger will be the fish. For offshore fishing, the water depth is between 160 and 260 feet, 40 to 60 kilometers off the shore.

The use of GPS, fish finder depth sounder, and other tracking technologies will help you find the schools of fish, so that you can get close. The captain and crew of your fishing boat in Goa are experienced in this. They can help you attain a fulfilling experience.


Best Time for Fishing in Goa

  • Deep-Sea Fishing – The best time for deep sea fishing in Goa is between October and May. June to August is the rainy season. The water can be choppy this time of the year.
  • Beach Fishing – Start early at daybreak. You can also try beach fishing during the sunset time. Go to a secluded beach because there won’t be any fish if there are a lot of swimmers.
  • River Fishing – You can enjoy throughout the year. Tiracol River is a good spot. You can also try at the Chapora River, Mandovi, and Sal. The best time for river fishing is during the high tide.
  • Spear Fishing – October to January is the best time for spear fishing in Goa.


What You Will Need In Your Goa Fishing Trip

Here are the fishing essentials you will need –

  • Fishing rods
  • Reels
  • Lures
  • Fish grip
  • Fighting butt
  • GPS, Fish finder

We can supply you a lot of these things, so you don’t have to carry everything. Of course, you are free to bring whatever you want. There will be beer and snacks for you on the luxury yacht in Goa.

Sun screen cream/lotion, hat or cap, polarized sun glasses, and a camera. It is good to carry a binocular as well.. Protection Status
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