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Customized Yacht Charters

16:30 HRS Onboard
Welcome Onboard on Private Luxury Yacht and Start from Jetty towards for Goan Backwaters for having drinks onboard and some real fun in backwaters with Jet-Ski and after speedy rides come back onboard again and cruise out to sea passing the main sights of Quiet Goan villages & areas rich in bird-life & crocodiles on either side of backwaters.

18:30 HRS start towards Mouth of Mandovi

We cruise past famous sites of Panaji (Capital of Goa) such as: Reis Magos Fort, Miramar Beach, the Governor's Residence, and Hotel Marriot. On the slopes of Aguada Hill is also the impressive sight of the grand Palacio Aguada, residence of a reclusive millionaire.

The mouth of the Mandovi River is famous for breath-taking view and is also a fertile fishing ground for hump-backed and bottle-nose dolphins. Watching a dolphin jump out of the water is real special gift and relaxing feel.

19:30 HRS

The Goan waters are ideal for serving cocktails with beautiful sunsets. When darkness sets we serve drinks and then we come back to Jetty, It is hard to imagine a better way to spend holiday in Goa.

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