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Yacht Charters, Types of Yacht Charters

Welcome in the small world of Goa Yachts, speedboats and Jet-Ski. There are three basic types of Luxury Yachts — Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans as well speedboats. You can find most range of each of these, in all of the major charter regions worldwide.

Motor Yacht Charters

All Around the world luxury Yachts are always in high demand for elite and hi-end class, but in Goa is prices are reachable for every water lover and adventure tourist.

It's all about experience of drive on highway, freeway with no one is watching and the moment you feel that speed and freedom you'll come to love Yacht forever for sure.

Duration is not so much important but exploring Goa backwaters and beaches by Yacht is most different way to enjoy holiday.

Sailing Yachts in Goa

Sailing Yachts is always look like a old movie, which you want to see again and again, 4-6 hours of that real fun will make you laugh at anywhere in world by remembering that moment of your own.

Well, are you ready? Sorry to write it, but there's a high chance you are not. Store the sail bag. Check the boat once more and convince yourself that you will step on to a seaworthy machine. Are all the trapeze wires at the correct height for you? Catch a bit of wind in the main sail and look up to the mast top: does the sail profile look smooth?

Yes this few lines for Sailing Yachts and one of the most adventuresses experience and every one looking to en counter at least one time in life. So are you ready for making this true?


After tossing and turning for what must have been an hour or so, find yourself lying on a tropical beach, the waves gently licking the sand, gaze up at the sky and notice some pelicans soaring and swooping, looking for lunch.

There’s a catamaran sailing offshore, swept by the wind that is cooling brow, Catamaran will give this type of feel and most perfect for private party for your own friend/family.

Speed and Sport Boat in Goa

The use of a speedboat (sport boat) enables you to access directly on the beach, no need to use of a dingy or local long tail boat, speedboat offers you an experience of various Tour programs such as snorkeling, sightseeing trips around the island, hiking, fishing, kayaking etc. Pamper yourself for ride to unbeaten speed and without fear of any stopping from speed control traffic police man!

Jet-Ski in Goa

Ride for Jet-Ski it’s truly amazing and when you feel that wind coming to you by high speed, immediately you try to get more and more, one’s you fall down from this water toy and you feel to do it again.

Jet-Ski in Goa with full of fun and due to youngsters it’s in high demand and for safe side please take a good location for your speedy fun.

We have all range for luxury yachts so open the door for water luxury in Goa. Private yacht charter is real luxury in Goa and Backwaters of Goa is like virgin water and to enter in the world of nature by waterway.

We also offer customized Event on Yachts, for Corporate or Personal entertainment. Select the types of yachts you're interested in explore our range of luxurious yachts in each category.

Yacht on hire in Goa

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