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Luxury yacht Fairline Squadron 42

Squadron 42 yacht has become one of the most ambitious aspirations of Fairline corporation. This unique compact yacht model creates a true feeling that you are driving a much larger yacht. Each part of Fairline Squadron 42 is designed to temper and blend with the other parts that follow it. As you move around the yacht you never strike a snag. And this creates a frisson of continuity luxurious open space. This space could be expected only from the yachts of 50 feet or more in size. The large flybridge is made not just for show and effect; every its part, every its aspect has been carefully designed to create enough space for free movement. Yes, it can be said with a great certainty that this is a Squadron yacht to the last inch.

A huge glazed part of the yacht extends up to the rear corners filling the room with a bright light. The bow desk glazing is a Fairline corporation trademark. Due to this unique innovation in the yacht design, the front cabin is always opened from the top for a smooth flow of light.

The cockpit back seat can be mould into the comfortable rotated backward chaise longue, and this feature will allow you to create some kind of a terrace for the joint leisure activities and surveillance over bathers or dolphins. The bypass side decks make it easy and safe to move to the fore-body of the boat. Inside the yacht the designers have created a suitable and large guest room with separate bathroom and two wide-opening doors that give the cabin even more luxury, rich and spacious look.

Fairline Squadron 42 is actually the smallest yacht among the wide range of boats and yachts that Fairline corporation can offer its customers. However, this small but so much comfortable yacht has a hydraulic motorboat floating system. The hydraulic staircases that can be installed on a by-order basis also make the water landing easier and are shortened by pressing the button.

Likewise it should be noted that this new yacht model has perfect sea-going qualities. Fairline Squadron 42 is equipped with two powerful Volvo D6-435 engines and can move at a speed of 30 knots per hour. At that, the rate of fuel consumption is about 113.4 L/h.

It is interesting to note that this 13-meters long yacht embodies many advanced designs and technical solutions implemented in the larger Squadron yacht models, as well as many practical and original innovations that are implemented for the first time ever in this amazing luxury boat. Taking into account everything that were said above we can say with a certainty that Fairline company has created a truly unique yacht with a flybridge that combines luxury, spaciousness and excellent speed characteristics.

If you want to spend amazing time on a private yacht in Goa and travel along costal area with luxury and comfort, then Fairline Squadron 42 yacht is exactly what you need.

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