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Fishing in Goa

If you are a fan of a “quite hunt”, you can go to the nearest pond or river. But the keen travellers will not be interested in such journey. A trip to some exotic country and a “quite hunt” there – that is what you will remember forever! If you are interested in fishing, than Goa is a right place for you! Fishing in Goa is considered to be the most popular and advanced time spending for “quite hunt” fans, as here you can combine several types of rest: calm and relaxing beach vocation, amazingly beautiful nature, lots of different sightseeing you can visit, numerous water sport activities you can try and, of course, a great chance to catch a fish in Goa lakes and rivers.

Local people often catch fish with nets from their boats, and the leger rigs are used much rare for these purposes. For fishing in Goa the tourists are usually offered to take the so-called “fishing excursion” which is mainly organized in Baga, Calangute and Candolim areas. The small boat for three people will cost you about 100 USD, but the price can considerably be knocked down if you, of course, can bargain. The price also depends on the duration and conditions of such “excursion”. Tackles are often provided but a noteworthy detail is that they are not of a very high quality. The most frequently it is offered to catch a fish with leger rigs, but you shouldn’t take such tours too much serious as they can mainly be taken as usual excursions with a chance to fish a little bit. If you are fortunate, you will catch several small fishes; though you’ll still get lots of impressions from watching dolphins and sea travel coastwise.

In addition, the fans of fishing with an angle can hire usual wooden boats. In this case, the organizers of fishing in Goa will provide you with all necessary tackles, including angle, spinning and squid. One boat can accommodate about 3-4 people, so you can take an exciting adventure with your family and/or friends. This pleasure will cost you about 1500 Rupees per hour. You can rent this type of a boat directly in quays in Baga, Candolim, Calangute and near the forts of Aguada and Tiracol.

But if need a professional fishing in Goa, you should organize it yourself and take only the best tackles and angles with you. It’s not a problem to buy them in Goa: a wide variety of tackles, angles and spinning can be found in a special shop in Mapusa which is located in one of the Duler Football Stadium facilities. Once you find and buy all necessary stuff for successful fishing, you’ll need a comfortable appropriate yacht, motor boat or boat. For fishing in Goa we recommend you to take, for example, LAGOON 44, which remains to be one of the most popular and prestigious catamaran models in Goa. This yacht is fully outfitted with everything needed for comfortable and relaxed cruising of up to 8 guests (so, again, you can take your friends and family with you into your unique journey): it has four identical cabins with en suite facilities plus two berths in bow and bathroom, and a spacious deck where you can take some sunbathing, relax or fish.

Check your Bag before you start for Fishing in Goa:

  • Cap
  • Sun screen cream
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (Optional)

Who will like fishing in Goa?

Where to fish in Goa? Well, experienced fishermen prefer to catch fish in the southern part of Goa which is traditionally characterized as a less crowed part of the state. This variant will be perfect for those who like quite relaxing time spending. There is a wide range of high-level hotels located close to each other, so if you want to shelter from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is exactly what you need. Besides, the fishing here will allow you to become (even for a moment) a happy inhabitant of past centuries who had no idea about the city noises and everyday stresses. Of course, this will require some funds, but the result worth it: well rested and full of energy organism plus readiness for new challenges – what else may you wish?

Fishing in Goa is a great and relaxing way to spend your holidays making them more diverse and saturated. You can fish directly from the beach using a usual leger rig, or from a private yacht which will give you more opportunities to choose the most convenient place for fishing and recreation. All in all, Goa can offer its visitors a huge variety of activities for unforgettable vocations for any taste and budget. The only thing remains is to decide what type of recreation you want to have in Goa.

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