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Yacht Claudia — Yacht on hire

FLEET #1992           Call us now! +91 (955) 293-4534 (Goa, India)

Wonderful handmade boat, made to order for coastal cruise. Original Arabian side is made of teak wood and local. Best Goan carpenters put the soul into building a unique yacht. This luxurious yacht is adorned with different colors perfectly comfortable, accommodates 15 - 20.

Upper Deck:

You will feel a great tan on the sun deck, open front, where wooden benches fitted with comfortable loungers. Stern made ​​a wooden roof under which there are tables. The two shared the captain's cabin deck.

Lower Deck:

In the front section is a kitchen and bar. The rear section has a large bedroom.

Impeccably well-trained staff is equipped boats to provide cold snacks with cold drinks. Bar is well stocked with Indian wines, including alcohol and chilled beer, champagne, tea, coffee and other beverages.

Price for hire *

1 Hour Call us! INR
2 Hours Call us! INR
3 Hours Call us! INR
5 Hours Call us! INR

* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates.

Super All Inclusive

Every Private Luxury Charter, Standard inclusions:
Skipper / Captain 1
Crew / Hostess 1
Fuel / Jetty fee Inclusive
Soft Drinks Inclusive *
* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.

FLEET #1992           Call us now! +91 (955) 293-4534 (Goa, India)

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