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SeaRay 335 Sundancer

Goa yacht charter is one of the most popular directions of modern holidays spending. The service market here is rich with different offers from yachts, boats and motorboats owners. For each type of holiday you can find over dozen of different marine vessels, including huge and luxury yachts, cruisers, ships and sailboats. If you like active holidays and want to run away into the open sea on exclusive, fast and comfortable ship, than SeaRay 335 Sundancer is what you may like for sure.

This sports-oriented cruiser with a global brand name has become much popular all over the world in less than 2 years, and due to the continual design and equipment improvement this boat keeps on gaining more and more popularity in terms of sales volumes.

The conceptual idea expressed in the organic unity of speed and comfort, is not a new thing, of course, but it is absolutely unmistakable feature that always works perfectly. The SeaRay 335 Sundancer architecture meets this idea almost in everything: the sportive style is underlined with great plastics of a rubbing band that segues into the fanner, a steep sloping of a steam and radar arch. Almost vertical shipboards on a large part of the length show the increase in the internal ship-volumes — a powerful resource that forms comfortable and cosy premises.

The interior design is reasonably simple: 2 double sofas with a table and a mirror wardrobe on the starboard; opposite – is a cook-galley with a granite tabletop, 2-burner stove, a microwave oven, a fridge, a large kitchen sink, drawers for food and dish cupboard. Generally the interior design of SeaRay 335 Sundancer is quite elegant, classical and sustainable. Beige colors of a seat-cover fabric and cherry-wood furniture have a sustainable color composition. The abundance of mirrors alongside with the open portholes and top skylights give the premises plenty of light and air. The cockpit is spacious and due to the strict planning is very convenient. The captain’s armchair with a bolster is located on the starboard of the ship. The control board in front of it is rich with different frills: except mandatory instruments, indicators and control buttons there are maneuvering device keys (option), searchlights, anchor winches, combined "Raymarine Tridata ST 60" log/echo-sounder and a USB-station. Taken as a whole, the control board is much suitable and well-designed. It has Anti-glare coating and allows you to find a proper button or device just in a second: log, fuel level, oil pressure, tachometer, temperature sensors, light trim and so on are located near each other and, moreover, can be illuminated if required.

In addition to everything said above, it should also be mentioned that a steerable wheel is adjustable and has a hydraulic boost system, the electric fan is installed in the center of a front glass, and a glovebox is much convenient. On the portside of the boat, just in front of the captain’s chair, there is a small work table and optional refrigerator/freezer; behind the captain’s seat there is a double chair and a three-seat sofa.

Well, the boat is made strong enough: when you ply the seaways you will never hear any unusual noises like rattles, jingles, creaking, etc. In general, the SeaRay 335 Sundancer is probably the most suitable, cozy and luxury yacht in Goa that you may find among the wide range of different ships for romantic, family and/or active time-spending at the open sea.

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