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Bayliner Discovery 288

For those who are planning to spend their unforgettable vocations and are looking for luxury yacht in Goa, the Bayliner Discovery 288 yacht is the best choice ever. This fantastical boat can offer you exactly what you are looking for when you plan to get away in the weekend and enjoy quite rest or romantic holiday on the open sea.

It has a comfortable beam cabin with amazing panoramic view and luxury accommodations for 4-6 persons. And even if this type of yacht stands out from the common private boats construction (it has no separate sleeping room), the Bayliner Discovery 288 still can offer you much.

The safest and most convenient way to get on board the ship is to go to the stern on the back-end of the yacht. You will not need to get over the board side as there is a special entrance for such purposes. Once you got on a shipboard, you are caught not into the cockpit with steering control and sofas (as, for example, on Bayliner 245 and Bayliner 245 yachts), but find yourself in a separate cozy room with two sofas on board sides and a table near the sofa on the portside. Generally, the stern resembles a classic design yacht of a high class.

The Bayliner 288 yacht construction assumes the lack of necessity in various bimini tops for protection against the weather. Through the large glass door we pass on and get into the roomy cabin in the deep of the boat. On the portside there is a large L-shaped sofa with back and a table for 4-5 people, which, if necessary, can easily be turned into a handy double bed. On the starboard side there is a cook-galley where you can find everything you may need for cooking, including a fridge, microwave oven, 2-burner stove and refrigerator-freezer. Also on the portside you can find a wheelhouse and additional wardrobe in front of it. If we go further and turn around the wheelhouse, we will see a large double bed just directly on the ship’s head. All-in-all, the Bayliner 288 yacht has everything the larger yachts have, but the sizes of this model have not allowed the designers to place a bed in a separate state cabin at the lower floor. However, in fairness it must be said that at entrance to the salon, on the left, there is a small passage to another one double bed which is located under the corner sofa. Of course, it is difficult to call this space (even very cozy) a separate state cabin but at the same time 6-7 persons can easily sleep here and do that quite perfectly.

If we leave the salon and return back to the stern, look closer and more attentive, we will see the stairs that lead to the flybridge. Yes, the Bayliner Discovery 288 belongs to the «Flybridge» yacht class with separate steer station and soft sofa – the whole shooting match. The ship handling from the flybridge and even a simple presence there will give you completely different and very pleasant feelings. Whatever you may say, but to look down your nose at the rest of the world is always a pleasure. Besides the kids go into raptures when they get onto the upper deck and the only problem you will face with is how to make them get down from there.

The Bayliner Discovery 288 is well-equipped, reliable and modern yacht that can easily meet all and any your requirements. There is nothing more to say about its engines and characteristics but simply that they are perfect. On board ship like this you can take a long journey or spend a weekend in the coastal belt of Goa without any problems. Besides, the modern and high innovative yacht equipment will allow you to organize either a romantic dinner a deux or a cheerful dinner with friends.

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