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Visiting any tropical holiday destination and without an own experience for Bar-B-Que?

Goa is known for sea food and while visiting Goa or after fishing in Goa, best way to hang out with family and friends.

BBQ in Goa after 3-4 hours fishing on backwaters or deep sea is a perfect day out and ultimate fun, we try to give best of your holiday value.

Every time we plan to do this activity next time in Goa, however don’t miss at this time and feel real Goa.

Beach BBQ or River side both has their own charm and beaches in Goa, more or less are similar, activity for Water sports in Goa are limited and start from Panjim Cruise with Dolphin watch, Jet-Ski or Parasailing in Goa, but BBQ and Fishing both together is best out of all water sports in Goa

All arrangements of BBQ equipments, butler and other necessary items is available, by request 24 hours prior to trip.

So try some new and real fun in this vacation in Goa!

Yacht on hire in Goa

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